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chawm g (25)aFellow Corporate Communicators, Social Media Wizards, Twitterati,

Dear Friends,

We will complete Three years this September. With your help, assistance and good wishes we have continued on what we had set out to create – a platform where you can tell the story of your brands. Stories told the way you Communication Professionals craft them with your tender loving care. Stories that will not only stretch the horizons of traditional PR, but will also play their part as the domain evolves and integrates itself into the exciting realm of digital, Social Media.

Allow me to take this opportunity of thanking you for the hand holding as I enriched my two and half decade experience in Traditional Media PR and integrated my skill sets into this space. As a fellow practitioner I thought it prudent to share a few thoughts with you as I move forward.

I feel we are now at a position where we can add further value to your work.

  •  Towards this end, we would gradually be moving away from vanilla Press Releases and concentrate more on original, exclusive content. Please feel free to contact us for any specific story idea that you may have and we can work with you to develop the same into fruition. The idea will be to ensure better visibility and higher rankings for the client / brand.
  • Reports, Interviews, Industry Reviews, Photo features … we are open for all formats, as long as our readers get to enrich themselves with targeted information and your client gets to communicate their efficacy.
  • We will stress on the visibility factor – so please add the client’s logo and all relevant pictures, apart from their Web URL’s.
  • Each one of our stories is Search Engine Optimised and Social Media Integrated. Please feel free to highlight the Key Words so that we can be doubly sure about the Meta Tags.

Keeping with the time tested traditions of PR I will not ask you for money and will continue to be driven by the belief that content should always be free. However, I am sure that you will understand when I say that our costs are spiraling by the day and while I have paid for the operations strictly out of my resources thus far, I may not be able to continue much longer. Under the circumstances, I shall be grateful, if you kindly:

  • Have us considered by your clients when they draw up their advertising budgets so that we too may have a viable revenue stream that is legitimate.
  • Consider us for special Advertorial Features – we promise to create killer content for them and make every Rupee count.
  • Partner us for bespoke events that we can design and execute to ensure that you are able to create the PR around it.
  • Discuss creation and maintenance of industry specific webzines that will be used exclusively as vehicles of your client’s communication
  • Discuss Corporate Communication strategies of add the chutzpah to your client speak
  • Enlist our assistance in helping clients cross the digital divide and integrate their communication efforts in the Social Media. We can also assist you in drawing up Social Media Policies and help clients use their existing workforce to add Social Media muscles.
  • Create exclusive content – either on a one off or on a continuous basis.
  • Talk to us for Training client employees / Seminar participants on Communication / Social Media / Public Relations or related disciplines

Friends WTF (?) is no more an exclamatory swear. It now denotes WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. I believe I can help you, as you take your client through the Worm Hole, call us before Alice takes the job. And certainly before she is replaced by the Rabbit !

Should you require any further clarifications please feel free to drop me a mail.

With Best Regards,

Chawm Ganguly



Email: chawm.ganguly@gmail.com; editor@corecommunique.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CharmChawm