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samsung galaxy 330There is a perceptible shift in the way people search,access and relate to news these days. The emergence of the web and the almost tectonic shift to the hand-held’s has given rise to a phenomenon called Social Media, which in its wake, has brought about a paradigm shift, nothing sort of a revolution.

Core Communique wants to be one of the early adopters – to create a platform that we can use to communicate with discerning readers on the one hand, while being the chosen vehicle that our associates can use to spin their corporate yarns on the other. Decades of experience – in hardcore journalism, corporate communication, brand building and emerging media – will be sought to be married so that the twin needs, for information and communication can be addressed simultaneously.

In this quest, Core Communique will not be a stand alone offering and as we move on, we will certainly increase the banquet of our offerings. Yes, the resources are limited and the way ahead perilous but we are confident – of our abilities and hope to work on the good wishes, help and support you have showered us with over the last five years, during our earlier avatar as a print magazine.

Do haul us up if we stumble, tell us where we fail to reach your expectations. For, we have come this far because you extended your hand of support, co-operation and guidance and we have miles to go to reach the pulpit where you want to see us.

Chawm Ganguly

IMG_0128 - CopyA maverick who has scaled all the peaks – as a columnist, as a hard core tv reporter, as the owner of a pr agency that has nurtured brands among a host of national and multi-national clients, as a photographer and as a specialist customizing communication solutions.Thinker, dreamer, artist. The one thread that binds this bundle of talents together is passion. A passion for excellence, a zest for life.

His current obsession is Social Media Integration of Corporate Communications and it is here in the Social Media Space that he is seeking to keep his tryst with destiny.

Twitter: @Charmhawm

Facebook: facebook.com/chawm

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/ChawmGanguly

Google+: google.com/+chawmganguly1

Instagram: instagram.com/charmchawm

Pinterest: pinterest.com/chawmganguly

Chawm Ganguly – a profile

Chawm Ganguly slipping in the last word with his charecterestic elan.

Chawm Ganguly is India’s foremost exponent of Content led, Search Engine Optimised, Social Media integrated, Corporate Communications. His service is backed by more than three decades of experience as a Journalist – he has contributed extensively in the Pink Papers like the Economic Times, Business Standard and Financial Express among others; and as a Public Relations expert wherein he has handled some of the most exciting National and Multi National brands working in the country.  He has fought the Cola wars, has mined metallurgical coal in Australia, organised conferences in Asia and Australia  apart from teaching CorpComm to college students in Kolkata.

Chawm moved into the Social Media realm about a decade back and has been honing his skills since, opening channels of communication in the digital realm and blending traditional Communication expertise with emerging technologies so that his clients can make the transition into the Social space seamlessly.

According to Chawm, Social media integration is not merely about analytics and mindless aggregation. On the contrary, it is all about engaging the potential audience, in real-time, even as they hold conversations around the brands being represented. The key is to talk their language, in the tone they find pleasing and in the platforms of their choice, so as to establish the connect that they desire. Naturally, the core of such an effort is content, which is has emerging as the key to any social media strategy worth its likes and shares.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size that fits all when it comes to content. In order to be effective and to make the Search Engines tango with it, content not only has to be exclusive, but also tailor madebespoke – to meet the unique needs of individual clients. It has to relate to the psychology of the end users and has to factor in the finer nuances of the local cultures so that it may sound like music to the ears they seek to behold. The creator has to have domain knowledge about the subject that is being discussed and be an expert in the medium, the language that the message is communicated in.

And it is here that Chawm scores. As a journalist he has extensive skills in stringing words. He is well-read, well-travelled and well connected, which gives him the ability to convert his real life interpersonal skills into social media conversions. Chawm lists as his interests the Core Sectors of the EconomySteel, Coal, Power, Energy – and loves to study them from both the demand as well a s the supply sides apart from being keenly interested in the impact of fossil fuels on the global economy and the climate. He is an acknowledged expert on matters Sustainability and economic utilization of scare, depleting natural resources, looking for answers to address the issues relating to the empowerment of the poor, especially the vulnerable sections and the economically-challenged like women and children. He is fascinated with the prospect of the Corporate entity emerging as a Socially Responsible Citizen, espousing the cause of Social Development through CSR.  Chawm also writes regularly about health issues, advancements in the sciences relating to medicine, healthcare and lifestyles.

An academician by default, one of Chawm’s reigning passions is to bridge the gap between industry and academia so that the students can be made industry ready by lading the right kind of content in their motherboards so that their minds may attain critical mass even as this army of mind warriors roll out to conquer tomorrow.

Chawm is using his grounding as a Sultan of the Swing, a weaver of Corporate yarns, as a Spin doctor, as an exponent of Public Relations to stretch the horizons of Social Media – 24X7, day in and day out, even as it happens, realtime. Get in touch if you want to refurbish the salience of your brand, if you want the world to sit up and take notice of whatever may your story be.    

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