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If you are from a PR Firm and want to send us your latest Press Release from your hottest new Clients, or are from a Company and want us to review your product, or want to Contribute articles that are sure to Change the World,  then please contact us at the email / snail mail addresses below:



46, Sarat Bose Road,
Kolkata 700 020.India


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  • Hi Sir, hope you’re well. Koyena Pathak here, could you please help me by removing the picture on the bhawanipur article I had collaborated with you on back in 2015? I don’t want that picture to be in circulation anymore and would be really grateful if you could do the same ASAP.

  • hello koyena, pleasure hearing from you. hope all is well with you. just send the link and i will do the needful immediately 🙂

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