Words of Wisdom by Women Entrepreneurs

Inspiring quotes for Budding women entrepreneurs from Women entrepreneurs who made it big in the startup industry 

Women have always handled the two extremes so well. From being a mother to being a high level professional they have always played all the roles to the fullest. From early 20’s to mid 40’s these women are changing the dimensions of the startup world. Just like a woman raises her baby, similarly their ventures are no less than a baby for them.They have grown their virtual babies with dedicated motherhood towards them. They have given a perfect blend of creativity and grace in the industry. Be it e-commerce or fin-tech, no circles are untapped.

This Women’s Day, there’s a message for all the budding women entrepreneurs from the women who are ruling the startup industry:

 Purba Kalita, Co-founder, Salebhai

“Success is not only about achieving new milestones, but also about touching lives along the way. So whatever venture you set out to build, my advice would be to find a purpose in giving back for all that you receive.”

Sakshi Vij, Founder & CEO, Mylescars.com

“It would be lovely to reach a time when International Women’s Day is not recognized only for the inequalities that exist in gender issues in the world. To me, this day celebrates the individuality as well as the common goals of women. I do however believe, that it is now time for successful women from all spheres to reach out to the less privileged or less aware women around us to help them build a better future for themselves.”

Sangeeta Banerjee, Co-founder & CEO , ApartmentADDA

“Be fearless. Be fearless about criticism, about rejection, about breaking relationships, about bad reputation. You are venturing out because you have found a purpose that is above all this. Like one of Angels – Sharad Sharma says “Be the Panga Entrepreneur, don’t be the Dhanda Entrepreneur.”


Neha Bagaria,Founder & CEO,JobsForHer 

“For a woman entrepreneur to succeed in the competitive business landscape, it is imperative that we become comfortable giving equal weightage to our careers as we do to our other obligations, roles and responsibilities. And for that we need to build a thick skin and a strong support system.

Because until we don’t, we won’t be able to create the ecosystem required to support this  challenging journey to the top of the corporate ladder.  We will need to rally the troops and have our backbone structure in place – parents, in-laws, extended family, friends, and yes, husband too.  We will need to stop caring about people who don’t understand, and help the people who we care about to understand.  We will need to make sacrifices and compromises about being there for everyone all the time and having everything perfect.  And we will need to stop feeling apologetic about it.”

Swati Dayal, co-founder and Executive Director, Sagoon.com

Women who seek equality with men lack ambition. It’s time to make our own identity and discover the new heights of success. The opportunities are same for all of us; all we have to do is stop seeing us the weaker gender and utilize all we have to turn those opportunities into success.