We can Social Media Integrate you and your business.

Even as you read this, the social media space is abuzz with excitement. Presidential candidates are running their election campaigns. Irate customers and disgruntled employees are voicing their dissent. Norwegian protesters are posting their anguish about fishing in Japan. While tech savvy companies are connecting their brands with customers, grabbing the eyeballs that matter.

Yes, it’s all happening in the social media space. And, if you still haven’t marked your presence, you are slowly sinking into the quagmire of lost opportunities, by the seconds. Who knows that your detractors are not bad mouthing you, or your competitors are not shredding to pieces your carefully crafted a strategy? For that matter, they are not high jacking the customer looking for your product and service?

Okay. So you decide to throw in your hat. But how do you go about straddling the social media space? Why will people spend their valuable time and energy to hear your voice in the din, leave alone consider it to be the lone sane, voice of sanity? How will they even find you in the first place? Is creating a website the beginning and the end?

Whose hand should you hold as you journey into this ever expanding world of social media networking and marketing? The new world has always attracted the knave, the maverick and the charlatans and social media too is no exception. How do you separate the grains from the chaff, considering the fact that your online reputation, like your goodwill in the real world, cannot be measured comprehensively?

Who can lead you to Social Media Nirvana? The prophets of back end optimization? The messiahs of marketing? The captains of killer content? The net savvy wizards of word tagging? The communicators from the corner room of the corporate world? And, at what cost?  If you feel, you need the services of all of the, right honourable gentlemen, then look no further.

I have more than two and a half decades of experience – from building brands to hard core journalism. I have fought the cola war (albeit as a foot soldier), been associated with some of India’s most exciting corporates, have introduced and nurtured Indian entities on foreign shores, run PR agencies, sold steel online, edited core sector centric magazines, organised industry events, done extensive television reporting apart from connecting people to their needs and fitting them to their images.

My current obsession is social media. And I am busy optimizing my knowledge of corporate communication, brand building, reporting, and psychometrics with my basic skills of communication across mediums to queer that perfect pitch. I am also refurbishing my skill sets by joining forces with the lone rangers, the sharp shooters, the web crawlers and the dream chasers of the Wild West.

How it feels? Exactly like Noah, while he was building the Arc. Yes, there are the big names around the world that can make far shriller noises. Yes there are names that will come with a fantastic, awe inspiring price tag. Just the kind of names, that built the Titanic.

Come on board. Before we set sail in the Lord’s name. Yes, we are taking new clients whom we can lead to deliverance.