Wardrobe: Must-haves from O Layla – Shop for Doodlage, a blend of sustainable and exclusive high street fashion

1Creating Valuable, high-quality and exclusive eclectic clothing by upcycling or re-cycling pre-consumption waste (fabrics, samples, threads, and buttons) from exporters and dead stock from retailers…

This season visit O Layla and enjoy the heartwarming experience of witnessing your ‘what-was-I-thinking’ purchases morphed into a stylish conversation starter; beautiful pieces guaranteed to gladden your heart and warm your soul.

The label ‘Doodlage’ opens for all you fashionistas, a fresh vista of style consciousness and guides our attention towards those ideas which we have overlooked or ignored or never really understood. The brand works at re-designing, re-constructing and re-cycling good quality second hand clothing and industrial waste.