Using 40,000 Key Opinion Leaders Grayton to Become The Social Media Automatic Watch Brand

Grayton_Automatic_Watches_4Grayton Leads the Watch Industry into A Social Media Revolution

NEW YORK – (Cision) — Grayton ( has worked with over 3,000 key opinion leaders in the past two months and has access to over 40,000 more – essentially turning each of them into designers for their online communities and giving them the opportunity to customize an automatic watch and showcase it to their followers.

The company is targeting key opinion leaders or social media influencers (bloggers, Instagramers, etc.) while being the only automatic watch company capable of designing completely customized collections – in just a few short minutes – revolutionizing a process that can normally take weeks! Utilizing its key partnership with the Montrichard Group, Grayton can create an unlimited number of limited special edition automatic watches with speed, using the manufacturing capabilities and online processing system unique to Montrichard.

Grayton Uses Fast Fashion Strategy to Appeal to the Young Generation

Grayton plans on appealing to a younger audience by using the fast-fashion technique and constantly releasing innovative designs capturing fast trends at competitive price points. Aggressively priced between $200 and $500 US dollars, all Grayton watches use respected Japanese movements and therefore do not compromise on quality.

grayton_auto.189Journalists & Bloggers Invited to Create Customized Grayton Watch at Baselworld 2016

Appealing to the young generation, targeting KOL and maintaining high-quality products are key components of the Grayton spirit. Grayton is using Baselworld 2016 as a platform to showcase these qualities as well as debut their new online processing system. Journalists and bloggers are invited (see press contact below) to customize their own watch and see the speed at which the process is done. This way Grayton can ensure that the automatic watches their social media influencers receive are distinctly formatted to fit individual tastes.

About Grayton
Grayton, in partnership with Montrichard Group, is the 1st brand offering customized automatic watches to key opinion leaders and their communities with a fast fashion approach. In the watch industry, Grayton is leading a double revolution: marketing with social media & manufacturing with fast fashion production techniques.