Thailand Launches “Strategic Talent Center (STC)” to Boost Development and Investment in Target Industries

BANGKOK, July 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Thailand is supporting investors by setting up the Strategic Talent Center (STC) to enable the private sector to have an easier access to the available pool of manpower in the field of science and technology and to facilitate the entry and sojourn of foreign science and technology experts in demand. This movement aims to encourage manpower as one of the most important capitals for business and a significant key driver for the country’s “Thailand 4.0″ policy to take shape.

July 3, 2017, The Opening Ceremony and Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of the Strategic Talent Center (STC) at One Start One Stop Investment Center (OSOS) presided by Dr. Suvit Maesincee, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s office and representatives of concerned government agencies, including Ministry of Science and Technology, Minister of Digital Economy and Society, and Mrs. Hirunya Suchinai, Secretary General of the Board of Investment

The STC was established under a solid cooperation between Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) and five government agencies namely Ministry of Science and Technology, National Research Council of Thailand, National Science and Technology Development Agency and National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office.

Officially launched on July 3, 2017, the center will serve as a platform interacting with the private sector in identifying available specialists or researchers in science and technology to support the private sector in conducting R&D and innovation activities.

The center will help identify Thai and foreign people with specialized skills across technology and innovation arena, academia and government scholars, and researchers as well as those under the Talent Mobility Project of National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office. The STC will be actively involved with matching their skills and expertise with real demands from the requesting companies.

Mrs Hirunya Suchinai, Secretary General of Thailand Board of Investment, said, “Through the establishment of STC, we are enhancing the country’s ecosystem for stronger research and development capability, which will in turn increase our competitiveness and support the development of target industries under Thailand 4.0 policy.

“We believe that there are many experts and specialists in Thailand but we never had a comprehensive database or information about them. The STC will take up this role and pull together extensive lists of these experts. This will not only match demand on manpower and supply of expertise, but will also promote links between the research sector and the private sector,” said Hirunya.

In addition to matching services, the STC will provide expertise recognition service for those in science and technology fields. The center will coordinate with relevant government agencies in recognizing their expertise. The recognized experts will be facilitated regarding their visa and work permits and will have access to the e-expert system run by the One-Stop Center for Visas and Work Permits.

This flagship project will increase convenience for companies operating in Thailand to have greater access to pool of specialists and experts in the area of research and development.

“As we realize that human resources will play a vital role in moving Thailand forward, we at the BOI are looking at the comprehensive array of factors supporting investments in Thailand, not just tax incentives.  STC is one step that we are taking to provide investors with better and more comprehensive services. The improved mobilisation of science and technology manpower will certainly contribute to the implementation of Thailand 4.0 policy. We are glad that our STC will play a significant role in this jigsaw puzzle and help investors optimize their opportunities here,” said Hirunya.