Serial Entrepreneur Collaborate with Artists & Storytellers to create BULBUL Apps for Pre-School kids worldwide

bulbulHYDERABD, INDIA, October 3, 2015: Hyderabad based ​ Filmmaker and Serial Entrepreneur Prakash Dantuluri today announced the launch of Tuk-Tuk in Mumbai (a kids-travel app, first in its series) and expansion of Bulbul apps Library for Pre-School children a digital Fun-filled learning destination Parents can trust.  Every app is interactive and encourages child’s curiosity, reading and learning skills.​ BULBUL is available on all apps stores.​

Bulbul apps achieved No 1 spot on iPad and iPhone in India in merely 4 months from the time it got launched. One of its stories Princess and the Pea went on to become No: 1 eBook in 14 countries. It is also featured by Windows Phone on their home page. In the Android under kids’ category, the Apps is among the top 6 apps in India.​ ​BULBUL has garnered more than a million views on YouTube and over a quarter million cumulative downloads on the app store.

Explaining the idea behind the creation TUK-TUK in Mumbai which is an free to download app devoid of ads and in-app purchases in its ​ Bulbul Apps library Prakash Dantuluri says, as an artist, film maker and story teller myself, I view a story as a recipe of ‘visuals’ ‘Sound’ and ‘effects’. I wanted to create the big screen experience for children in their little hands with a repository of short, easy to install, learn and highly engaging content.

TUK-TUK in Mumbai, the latest addition to BUL-BUL app library. It promises a beautiful imaginative journey for your child by TukTuk and Rinku the Taxi, on their adventures to find out famous places in Mumbai. The advertisement free 13 pages with lovingly designed graphics, animations, music and narration by a professional voice artist brings TUK-TUK characters to life in a modern classic way as it is designed in the form of an interactive eBook application in English and Hindi Language.

Tuk Tuk comes from a village. Tuk Tuk’s original owner was a young man who is an explorer at heart. He saved all the money he made on driving Tuk Tuk in the hope that one day he will get to see all the big cities in India and may be, all the big cities in the world too. But one day, he dies in a tragic accident and Tuk Tuk was brought to the City. In a way, Tuk Tuk is fulfilling his master’s desire to see the world.

The link below to some of the apps those are available in the BULBUL apps library that gives you an insight into the content and the quality of each creation.

Mowgli and Bulbul –

The princes and the Pea –

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp –

To create this library we collaborated with writers, illustrators, sound effects professionals, background score experts, animations and voice-overs artists from around the world through our portal adds the Founder of BULBUL Apps & Serial Entrepreneur Prakash Dantuluri.