Pearson and KOMPANIONS bring innovative pedagogy of experiential learning for students through augmented and virtual reality

To be introduced from 2017-18 academic year, the new teaching method would integrate virtual reality and augmented reality developed by KOMPANIONS with Pearson’s MyPedia programme for students

kompanion-logoNew Delhi, December, 2016: KOMPANIONS, a Gurugram-based ed-tech-sci company announced its association with Pearson Education, a leading publisher of academic and reference books to integrate its newly developed pedagogy involving Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) with Pearson’s MyPedia program. This is watershed collaboration as nothing involving these technologies in education has been done on such a scale so far. It is expected to make a huge impact on how learning and teaching happen inside classrooms. The content will be introduced from 2017-18 academic year for English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science subjects for primary and middle grade school students.

Mr. Ujjwal Singh, Chief Product officer, Pearson Education, commented VR and AR are not just the most upcoming, cutting edge technologies but also have a huge relevance in the education space.”

VR and AR throw open a whole new experience of learning for the child. The learner is exposed to an immersive, experiential learning environment where he is able to EXPLORE and DISCOVER. The experience enhances thinking skills and knowledge and also leads to greater concept clarity and retention through visualization.

“Globally, VR and AR have been catching up in various industries, but the appropriateness of the content and its relevance to education remain a challenge. We, at Pearson, have been able to make a breakthrough in this direction and are proud to be the pioneer in integrating these technologies with education.” Ujjwal added


Speaking on the alliance, Mr. Yuvraj Krishan Sharma,Founder, KOMPANIONS commented “We are extremely excited about this partnership owing to the sheer scope and possibilities this will open up for the Indian education ecosystem. Innovative best-of-breed technologies like VR and AR can make a huge impact on the education landscape. They can completely transform how learning takes place. We, at KOMPANIONS, are trying to bring about this huge, much needed transformation.”


Conceptualized and Founded in March 2015 and based out of Gurgaon and Mohali, KOMPANIONS is an innovative education technology startup with a vision to re-visualise education and to make the learning processes fun, easy and impactful. The company firmly believes that true learning happens through exploration and discovery, leading to developing thinking ability among the students.  KOMPANIONS uses innovative and future-ready technology, in-depth research, rich content and products to facilitate creative and logical thinking in learners. Solutions include best-of-breed brain training products powered by Virtual Reality and Assessment Architecture, Augmented Reality, Gamification, 3D Visualization, Brain Boosters and Skill Remediation reports.

About Pearson- MyPedia

MyPedia is an advanced programme that aims to transform the education delivery across school classrooms in India. It is an integrated learning programme that promises measurable improvement in the cognitive skills of the learner.

MyPedia comprises teaching plans which bring together the course book, workbook, videos and assessments. helps students integrate their learning across subjects, allowing them to learn in a more comprehensive manner, reason abstractly and quantitatively. Its unique features help students understand different learning layers, where each layer comprises the skills and concepts that a student needs to learn in a particular grade. These solid layers of concepts built over time helps students to break away from compartmentalization of subjects.