OPPO Grows 133% YoY, Boosted by Premium, Camera-Centric Core Line up


New Delhi, February 3rd, 2017 — OPPO Mobiles, the ever-evolving global smartphone brand, had a strong finish to a momentous 2016 which saw a 133 percent year-on-year growth for the global smartphone brand, according to the latest results from independent research firm IDC. A core product range that paired premium design with excellent photography helped OPPO maintain its position as the no. 4 smartphone brand globally by market share, and earn the no. 1 spot in China for the two most recent quarters.

IDC’s preliminary data showed that OPPO accounted for 6.8 percent of the global smartphone market in 2016, and had four straight quarters of greater than 100 percent year-on-year growth.

“In 2016, our strategy was to stay simple and focused – putting out premium-quality products with phenomenal cameras,” said Sky Li, OPPO Global VP, MD of International Mobile Business and President of OPPO India. “The success we saw is because of our commitment to listening to our users and bringing them devices tailor-made for their lifestyles. We’ll redouble that commitment as we continue our global expansion this year.”

OPPO focused on two main product lines last year – its “Selfie Expert” F series, and the stylish R series, whose industry-leading front and rear cameras embodied the OPPO Camera phone brand concept.

In India, OPPO was the first brand which launched selfie focused phones and brought the selfie trend with campaigns targeted towards reaching out the young consumers. Selfie Expert OPPO F1s has been well received by the Indian consumers. The F1s, sporting a 16 MP front camera, was a resounding success. It connected with a growing market of selfie-fanatic millennials, helping OPPO to hit a 10.9 percent sales unit share in India’s offline market, ranked No.2 among all brands in December,2016 according to data from research firm GFK. 

Meanwhile, the R9, sold for around $400 USD, was the best-selling device in China for all of 2016, according to Counterpoint Research. It was followed late in the year with the upgraded R9s, which sported an exclusive IMX398 sensor jointly developed with Sony, and cemented OPPO’s position as a leading brand for state-of-the-art mobile photography.

2016 also saw continued expansion for OPPO around the globe, as it extended its business to 26 countries, including new markets in New Zealand, Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia. In 2017, the company will leverage a recently established marketing center in Egypt to support accelerated expansion in the Middle East and North Africa region.  The R9s’ IMX398 sensor, jointly developed with Sony, helped cement OPPO’s position as a leading brand for state-of-the-art mobile photography.


About OPPO

At OPPO we design, manufacture, and promote our own products, combining innovative technology with unique design, to ensure our customers always receive the best.

After entering the mobile phone market in 2008, OPPO quickly expanded into overseas markets a year later. OPPO mobile phones are currently available in over 20 markets, with the brand already registered in 140 countries as of late 2015.

OPPO is the official global partner of International Cricket Council (ICC) starting 2016 and has also entered into a three-year partnership with Football Club Barcelona, Spain. OPPO has Bollywood heartthrobs Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor as its South Asia Region brand ambassadors and Yuvraj Singh as its First Sport Ambassador. The leading smartphone brand made its entry into the Indian market in early 2014. OPPO Mobiles India Pvt. Ltd. currently has commercial presence in major cities and regions of India. With its growing presence, OPPO aims to provide beautifully designed phones and a flawless camera experience to the young consumers.

But OPPO doesn’t stop there. Using our passion for design and commitment to new technologies, OPPO has made a big impact in the audio-visual market by offering world-renowned, premium Blu-ray players in the United States and across Europe.

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