NSSMC: Commencement of SuperDyma™ production in Thailand

nssmc~Revamp the No.2 Metal Coating Line of NS BlueScope Thailand~

NS BlueScope Thailand, a company of NS BlueScope Coated Products which is a joint venture of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation(President:Kosei Shindo, hereinafter “NSSMC”) and BlueScope Steel Limited, Australia (CEO: Paul O’Malley, hereinafter “BSL”) focusing on coated products (hot-dip galvanized steel sheets, painted steel sheets, and roll-formed products) in Southeast Asia and the U.S. has decided to commence production of SuperDyma™, known as high value added galvanized steel sheet of NSSMC, in Thailand.

SuperDyma™, a unique product of NSSMC, which is a hot-dipped alloy coated steel sheet mainly with zinc, as well as aluminum, magnesium, and silicon. Compared with current galvanized steel sheets, SuperDyma™ has excellent corrosion resistance, which might bring cost competitiveness to customers through longer life cycle of products and substituting other materials.  Through the production in Thailand, NSSMC will be able to provide value added products, services, and solutions to meet customer’s needs locally , and it will enforce activity in both  home appliance and building and construction markets.


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【outline of NS BlueScope Coated Products】

 Name:  NS BlueScope Coated Products
 Equity ratio:  NSSMC50%, BSL50%
 Purpose of business:  Production and sale of hot dip galvanized steel sheet,
painted steel sheet, and roll-formed products
 Main productive capacity:  Cold Rolled capacity 800kt/year, hot dip galvanized capacity
1400kt/year, Painting capacity 650kt/year, roll-forming bases25
 Operating entities:  20 companies in 7 countries
 Employees:  around 3,000
 Chairman :  Shinya Higuchi(Representative Director and Executive Vice
President of NSSMC)
 CEO :   Sanjay Dayal

【outline of NS BlueScope Thailand】

 Purpose of business:  Production and sale of hot dip galvanized steel sheet and painted
steel sheet
 Main productive capacity:  Cold rolled capacity 360kt/year, hot dip galvanized capacity
320kt/year (2 lines), painting capacity 80kt/year
 Location:  Rayong Thailand

<outline of the revamp in No.2 Metal Coating Line>

 CAPEX:  around 33mil AUD
 Content:  Revamp existing No.2 Metal Coating Line pot to produce
 Commencement date for SuperDyma™:  August 2015