Netherlands: Television audience measurement contract extended until 2017

gfkHilversum, 1 September 2014 – SKO and market research agency GfK have extended their existing television audience measurement (TAM) contract in the Netherlands till 2017. This will allow for a better understanding of the changing viewing habits of the Dutch population.

The main innovations in the new contracts are related to metering technology in households, additional measures to maintain the high quality of the panel and the measurement of program viewings up to 28 days after broadcast. The initial contract (until 2015) has been extended until the end of 2017. In the autumn, parties will communicate more extensively about innovations in the TAM.

Managing director SKO, Bas de Vos: “Watching television is still at the heart of the video usage of the Dutch consumer. Therefore, for SKO it is of the utmost importance that, in addition to the new online initiatives we implement, we have absolute certainty about the quality of the TAM. Through the innovations in the project, that we are already starting this year, we can ensure this.”

Liesbeth Nekkers, Research Director TV and Radio of GfK in the Netherlands: “We are very pleased with the new contract. The world of television is fluctuating due to digitalization and mobilization of content and devices. The innovations in this contract allow us to measure new forms of viewing habits and include them in the current measurement.”

About SKO
Official television audience figures are provided by SKO, the television audience measurement service in the Netherlands. Ratings provide essential information to SKO stakeholders and other interested parties. Broadcasters use program information to tune content and broadcasting. In the advertising market, ratings are used as “stock market information” for buying and selling of television commercials. An independent television audience measurement service is important for the television industry.

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