Mobycy successfully launches India’s first dockless bicycle sharing app on Google Play Store

Users can download the app to unlock the smart bicycles around them & easily cover short miles

New Delhi, December 7, 2017: Gurgaon-based Green Tech startup, Mobycy, has launched India’s first dockless bicycle sharing app on Google Play Store. Bringing a unique ‘Uber for Bicycles’ model in India, Mobycy’s app allows users to discover a smart bike in their vicinity, unlock it via QR Code and commute shorter distances in a jiffy. Users can either pay INR 10 for a single ride or buy the monthly subscription to enjoy 2 daily rides for an hour each, making the healthy habit of cycling almost at Re 1. Mobycy has also partnered with Paytm to ensure easy digital payments via the app and are also partnering with more digital instruments for a complete digital customer experience.

The startup is driven with the cause of transforming India into a greener, fitter cycling nation. The collection of Mobycy’s Smart Bikes is integrated with IoT locks and GPS tracking, enabling remote management and traceability of the same. In addition to reducing the pollution menace and heavy traffic congestions on the street, the startup also aims to resolve the challenges faced by commuters for the last mile commute of 3 to 6 KMs. Instead of limiting the moment to the availability of a parking station, these dockless bikes can be rented and parked anywhere, with the only exception of gated communities, private compounds etc.

Launching its operations with currently 5,000 Smart Bikes, Mobycy plans to increase the number to 50,000 in the next 6 months. These Smart Bikes are available across Delhi/NCR regions, including Noida, Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Faridabad. App users can discover these bikes around public places like metro stations, markets, and popular haunts like North Campus, Cyber City etc. Furthermore, to help students with better mobility, Mobycy will be making its smart bikes available across several colleges and universities, such as Amity Noida and MDI Gurgaon.  

Commenting on the launch, Akash Gupta, Co-Founder of Mobycy said, “We are excited to announce that Mobycy is India’s first dockless bicycle sharing app which is now live on Google Play Store. Everyone has suddenly started talking about bicycle share, but proud to highlight that the app that you can use & try the service now is Mobycy’s only so far. The app presents users with a greener, healthier means of commute with complete last-mile connectivity, in the form of Smart, Dockless Bikes. Going by the need of fitness in our sedentary lifestyles and curbing the growing menace of pollution in urban cities, I am hoping, and would urge users to switch to cycling and join us in turning India into a greener, fitter, cycling nation. In a couple of days, the app will be live on Apple Appstore too.”

Users can sign up on the Mobycy app with Aadhaar identification and pay a nominal, fully-refundable security deposit of INR 999. For students the security deposit is subsidized at INR 499. Beginning with its operations in Delhi/ NCR regions, Mobycy intends to soon scale up to 12 more cities in next 6 months and 20 key cities within a year.

About Mobycy

Incepted in the year 2017, Gurgaon-based Mobycy is India’s first dockless bike sharing app. As a Green Tech Company, Mobycy is bringing the unique “Uber for bicycles” in India. Propelled with the vision of making India a greener and fitter cycling nation, Mobycy presents daily commuters with smart bikes for short-mile connect, reducing the carbon footprint and improving the fitness levels within our sedentary lifestyles. Mobycy is a startup which is also recognized under Indian Government’s DIPP-StartUpIndia program.

The company has leveraged advanced technologies, such as integrated IoT-based GPRS lock technology, cashless wallet payments, geofencing, machine learning etc., to provide users with an excellent, healthy and environment-friendly commuting alternative. Mobycy App users can simply locate the nearest bicycle at any public place, rent it by unlocking the cycle lock by scanning a digital QR code via the Mobycy app. Upon completion, the cycles can be parked anywhere in public pavements, except inside private compounds or gated colonies, etc.

Pay per ride: Rs.10/hour ride

Monthly Subscription Plan: Rs.99 for 2 hourly Rides a Day

Fully Refundable Security Deposit: Rs. 999 general commuters and Rs. 499 for Students

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