India’s first and only premium Chopper motorcycle brand ‘Avantura Choppers’ launched


Brings in best global component manufacturers as OEM partners including Mustang, Kellerman, S&S Engines among others

National, 27th October 2017: ‘Avantura Choppers’ announces its launch as the first and only Production Chopper motorcycle brand from India. Targeted at the premium segment, the models are expected to be in the market within this quarter. Headquartered in Mumbai with a manufacturing plant close to the city, the company is at the concluding stages for the ARAI certification, to release India’s first-ever production Choppers in the market.

Originating in the United States of America in the 1950s, Choppers (a special class of motorcycles) rapidly became a sensation among enthusiasts across the world with innovations, competitions and a thriving Global community. However, the Indian motor-head was yet to enjoy the authentic chopper experience despite the rapidly evolving rider community. To fill this gap, ‘Avantura Choppers’ is all set to release their first models, designed with unparalleled, global best-in-class quality, engineered to suit the Indian riding conditions. With bespoke design engineering and OEM partnerships with world-leading component manufacturers, the company prides itself on bringing Indian enthusiasts this global product, curated for connoisseurs, within this quarter.

While International Cruiser brands have forayed into the country and there exist a slew of independent modification enthusiasts, ‘Avantura Choppers’ is India’s official entry into the global map, of these specialized motorcycle manufacturers. The company is targeting a 7-8% share of the 1600cc and above motorcycle market in India, which is estimated to touch 15,000 units by 2022 (based on reports by Emerging Markets Automotive Advisors).

As the only Indian brand with a base engine displacement of 2000cc, India’s first and only street-legal choppers will be designed to ensure individual comfort & safety at every level while being the most powerful motorcycles on Indian streets. From the body design and engineering by a celebrity Chopper designer from the USA, to the OEM engine, suspension, tires, brakes, lights and even the seats, Founder Gaurav Aggarwal and Co-Founder Vijay Singh of ‘Avantura Choppers’ have facilitated the official entry for these Global giants in India.

  1. Engines by S&S, USA
  2. Promo 6 Speed Transmission by Rivera, USA
  3. Suspensions by Progressive, USA
  4. Cobra Tyres by Avon, UK
  5. Brake Calipers by Beringer, France
  6. Seats by Mustang, USA
  7. Turn Signals by Kellermann, Germany

Speaking about the launch of the brand, Gaurav Aggarwal – Founder of ‘Avantura Choppers’ said, “The brand, ‘Avantura Choppers’ symbolizes the premium quality and supreme power that is a chopper motorcycle. With that in mind, we have produced these masterpieces for riding connoisseurs by curating the entire experience. And the fact that we’re the first Indian company in the space, adds challenge to the pride.”

Co-Founder, Vijay Singh says, “The evolving Indian rider has been in search for the authentic American chopper experience and with the launch of ‘Avantura Choppers’, we hope to fill that void with our state-of-the-art motorcycles. Targeted at the discerning enthusiasts who consider themselves connoisseurs, we’re all set to amaze the market with a first-time-ever experience.”

Slated to launch in the market within this quarter, ‘Avantura Choppers’ with their distinct motorcycles are the next chapter of pride of the Make in India storyline.