Hammer – A platform to Get & Give Opinions real time in a moment’s notice & Connect for exchanging ideas, opinions, and even for news!

logo (1)A New Social Platform bringing Opinions Every Moment!

New Delhi, February 11, 2013: Americos Technologies, an IT services company in the business of web & mobile application design and development announces the launch of ‘Hammer’ – a new medium through which people can share ideas and generate opinion- instantly. It is a place where you get opinions at a moment’s notice.

“This community will assist users in getting and giving opinions and connect them with people having similar interests, for exchanging ideas, opinions, and even for news! Moreover, users can post views and opinions along with comments on others’ questions. Users can customize details and add a photo for their portrait as well. We are elated to offer a platform which enables Global & Instant Opinions from real people,” said Amit and Gaurav Khanna, Joint Managing Director, Americos Technologies and Founders of Hammer.

Hammer connects people of all ages and walks of life across the world at a moment’s notice to spur communication that is pure, honest and unbiased on any subject. It encourages pushing the boundaries further, widening the sphere and stretching imagination to define new possibilities. This web & mobile based application sets a new landmark in collaborative interaction and boosts user’s online social network like never before.

It is the hang out place which thrives on mutual co-operation, with a give and take of opinion hammered out as quickly as possible. It enables users to meet new people and newer ideas from around the globe in the blink of an eye.

It intends to nurture people’s natural instinct to stay in touch, exchange opinion, express ideas and use their own unique life experiences and personalities to understand & help each other. It is a new social tool that enables people to share opinion instantly across cultures, geographical boundaries and time. It sets a new standard in collaborative interaction thus enhancing social networking like never before.

Hammer is one of many initiatives by its founders to rein in technology towards a meaningful purpose. Through such endeavours, Americos Technologies steadily aspires to become an industry leader in the field of web and mobile applications in the future.

This revolutionary application will be soon available on iPhone and Android platform.

For an opinion every moment log on to www.hammerit.in

About Americos Technologies

Americos is a diversified group which is in several industry segments like textile processing chemicals, dyes and enzymes since 1922. It later progressed to serving major food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers with its range of specialty enzymes and flavours. Spurred by a state of the art R&D and production centers, Americos’ in house experts utilize their learning and technologies to deliver unparalleled products and customer service.