Grab a new X series iPhone: Get the best price of your old phone on Togofogo

New Delhi, 17 September 2018: Apple has recently unveiled its three new iPhones which support Dual SIM through the use of a nano-SIM and digital eSIM. After the much-awaited launch, Togofogo, the most trusted marketplace for buying and selling of pre-owned & refurbished smartphones is offering the highest price on old iPhones. The company brings a brilliant opportunity for “Apple lovers” with preceding models of iPhones to upgrade to the latest ones by selling their old smartphones on its website at the best price in the market.

There is always something unique about Apple when it comes to its phone launch, which happens only once a year making it difficult for users to control their temptation to upgrade to a newer model with advanced features. This year, Togofogo provides a golden chance for iPhone users to encash their used and old phones into new iPhones as the customer no longer needs to search and wait for a potential buyer or settle for a price less than deserved.



Commenting on the same, Mr. Soumitra Gupta, CEO of Togofogo, says,Apple has achieved an almost fanatical loyalty among its customers. Every year around this time, many customers upgrade to the latest iPhone models but lack an appropriate platform for encashing their old device. With an aim to channelize the unorganized market for used phones, Togofogo brings a glorious opportunity for Apple enthusiasts, becoming a desired price for their old smartphones”

Togofogo makes the whole selling process quick and hassle-free. Under its ‘Sell your Phone’ option, customers can sell their old smartphone(s) by submitting information like Model name, IMEI number, and condition of the device. The company then uses Scientific Algorithms like device spin test, screen test to quote the best price for the device. Togofogo also provides a pick and drop service at the customer’s doorstep to facilitate physical evaluation and sale of the device. The platform offers a fair deal for old phone based on the brand as well as the condition of the device.


Founded in 2015, is India’s most trusted online marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned phones and tablets. Togofogo has been acknowledged as the strongest player for extending best quality and certification on box open, refurbished and pre-owned phones to its customers, due to its integration with The company also ensures best customer service through its tie-up with Aforeserve, which has largest service networks.

Togofogo has a network of over 500 sellers that list mobiles of more than 20 brands on the

Togofogo website. Leading brands like Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, Sony, Asus, and Xiaomi among others are also featured on the company’s website. The company aims at transforming the offline grey market of refurbished devices, organized. With

its distinguished online platform, the sellers leverage Togofogo’s integrated logistics support to open up Pan-India Market in no time & the buyers have a place to shop for bargains and be rest assured on the quality of the products they purchase.

Togofogo is a one-stop shop for its customers as it provides an array of services to them right from quality check and certification of products to providing an option to buy a 1-year warranty on refurbished & pre-owned phones through Warranty Bazaar, and also providing them with post-purchase repair services. This is a clear differentiator for Togofogo in the market.