Godrej and NDTV co-present India’s first Environment based reality show: Godrej Green Champion

godrej15 contestants to battle it out for India’s first ever ‘Green Champion’ Title

National, August 1, 2015: Godrej Group along with NDTV is set to launch India’s unique, first of its kind, environment based reality show ‘Green Champion’. The show will premiere across NDTV network channels on Saturday August 1, 2015.


Godrej Green Champion will focus on raising awareness of issues that plague our environment. This reality show will emphasize that the future of our nation lies in the hands of the youth and would ultimately determine our nation’s destiny. It will bring to the fore key environmental issues and highlight the positive impact created by even the smallest of ‘green’ changes.


The Godrej Green Champion will feature 15 challengers competing for the first ever ‘Green Champion’ title. The contestants will traverse through the length and breadth of India informing people of easy ways to make their lives greener. Viewers will see our country unfold through the eyes of environmentalists who will decide the challenges for the contestants to overcome at each level. The challenges would not only be physically enduring but also high on mental pressure.


Green Champion is a brain child of TwoSense Pictures Founders – Sweta Daga and Rikin Gandhi. The concept is inspired by the extraordinary work that seemingly ordinary individuals, across India, were doing for the environment.  They conceived the concept behind ‘Godrej Green Champion’, to use the medium of reality television to engage audiences.


The winner of Godrej Green Champion will be awarded a seed capital of up to Rs. 3 lacs to incubate an idea and solve an environmental issue which he/she is passionate about. Beyond the capital investment, Godrej will also provide physical infrastructure and requisite guidance to help the winner develop a business plan to make it scale-able and relevant. The winner can also choose to work for the Godrej Good & Green team as an intern for 6 months and assist in an ongoing green project at the Godrej campus.


Nadir Godrej, Managing Director of Godrej Industries and Chairman, Godrej Agrovet mentioned, “We at Godrej have articulated our commitment towards building a more inclusive and greener India and have developed a long term vision to achieve our goals called: Good & Green Vision 2020. Aligned with this vision, the Godrej Green Champion reality show will represent a full spectrum of life experiences, personalities and opinions. Working with a broad range of partners, through this show, our goal is to find innovative ways to engage people of all ages and backgrounds and motivating them to take an active role in a new conversation about the future of our planet.”


Aditi Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Special Projects & Events, NDTV voiced her enthusiasm for this unique reality TV show, “NDTV has always felt strongly about social causes. From conservation of Tigers, to a Swachh India, our social campaigns have always brought to the foreground, issues which need to be addressed. Through this TV series we would like to bring about a movement towards a greener future. It is truly a compelling need of the hour. This series is targeted towards the responsible young Indians who are not only a part of the change but are also pioneering this change in many ways. We are enthusiastic about launching India’s first environmentally focused reality programming and are hopeful that the show will lead the way.”


Vimlendu Jha, youth leader and Head, Swechha – a Delhi-based youth and environment organization, will arbitrate this exceptional competition. He said, “Godrej Green Champion is an innovative and avant-garde approach to contemporary environmental and social issues. This unconventional, first of its kind show, showcases men and women rising up to incredible challenges which, if not addressed will hamper the future. It will eventually succeed in its objective of creating mass awareness and bring about the ultimate ‘CHANGE’.”


Shireesh Joshi, Head Strategic Marketing, Godrej Group said, “Godrej as an organization has always been driven by a view of the future and has devoted its organizational resources and energy in shaping that future. These are times when we need every living person concerned about and committed to the well being of our planet. Green Champion is a reality TV contest, but it also should raise consciousness of acts of commission and omission each person can commit to in order to protect the future of the environment.”