Global Technology Price Index 2016: India 6th Most Affordable Country for iPhone

2016 Technology Price Index compares the cost of technology products in 72 countries

  • Venezuela consistently tops list due to high inflation
  • Developing nations consistently more expensive for tech
  • Countries without VAT for technology top list as most affordable

linioMexico City, Mexico, 14/12/2016 –  Latin America’s leading eCommerce platform have released the 2016-17 Technology Price Index comparing the cost of 14 popular electronic devices and brands, across 72 countries. With Christmas shopping season already in full swing, Linio undertook the research to better understand the global economic trends in the price of electronics. The Technology Price Index takes into account the cost of smartphones, laptops, games consoles, tablets, smart devices, and other gadgets, ranking the countries on the average cost of all products researched.

To conduct the research Linio looked at the costs of all products in the study from several brick and mortar chain stores and smaller retailers in all major cities in each country. The study also took into account average costs from at least three reputable online outlets in each country. Taxes and other associated purchasing costs, minus delivery, were also accounted for.

The results, which were ranked in order of average cost of all products researched, reveal that India has an overall ranking of 56. India was also the 6th most affordable country for iPhone. The full results for India can be seen here:

India Ranking
Product # Product # Product #
iPhone 6 XBox One 61 Brand Headphones 68
Android 13 iPad Mini 50 Ext. hard Drive 2TB 62
MacBook 53 Samsung Tablet 52 Portable Charger 4
Windows Laptop 53 40″ Smart TV 65 Multifunction Printer 53
PS4 48 Apple Watch 61 Overall Ranking 56

The most affordable countries:

Global Tech Price Index – Most Affordable Countries
Product Country $ Product Country $ Product Country $
iPhone Angola $401.94 XBox One Switzerland $222.55 Headphones Nigeria $140.31
Android Kuwait $539.18 iPad Mini USA $224.20 Hard Drive Bangladesh $63.28
MacBook Kuwait $795.38 Samsung Tablet Peru $113.73 Portable Charger Vietnam $2.14
Windows Turkey $300.37 Smart TV Luxembourg $253.34 Printer Saudi Arabia $30.03
PS4 Hungary $246.89 Apple Watch Russia $182.00 Overall Kuwait

The second most expensive countries:

Global Tech Price Index – Second Most Expensive Countries
Product Country $ Product Country $ Product Country $
iPhone Singapore $969.04 XBox One Brunei $737.90 Headphones Myanmar $596.05
Android Angola $2,641.01 iPad Mini Belarus $718.97 Hard Drive Panama $334.96
MacBook Brazil $3,390.96 Samsung Tablet Angola $1,054.42 Portable Charger Brunei $105.14
Windows Croatia $2,394.56 40″ Smart TV Angola $1,405.90 Printer Brunei $212.22
PS4 Angola $868.75 Apple Watch Philippines $801.16 Overall Angola

NB: As Venezuela was found to be the most expensive country for all products due to inflation, this table lists the second most expensive countries.

The full results of the ranking can be found on’s landing page here.

“At Linio, we place a high value on transparency with our customers, and we hope that our index helps people more confidently interpret variations in tech price around the world,” Andreas Mjelde Linio’s CEO said. “Increasingly, the average citizen is a global one, and with a better understanding of global markets comes empowerment to travel, shop, and live smarter.”

The results were calculated by researching the average retail cost, including taxes, of fourteen different popular devices, including Apple and Windows powered products, in 72 countries. Prices do not include cost of shipping, nor were sales or discounts taken into account. All currency conversions are accurate on 1st December. Variations in price may exist due to currency fluctuations over time.

Linio also polled 5,000 participants on owning and buying new technology. The results reveal 78.20% of respondents consider their Smartphone to be their most important gadget. Laptops came in second at 10.7%, followed by the TV at 3.9%, and the Gaming Console at 2.7%. However, when asked which gadget they would prefer to receive as a Christmas present, the results were a lot more balanced, with a majority of 28.4% preferring to receive a Laptop, 20.9% preferring to receive a Smartphone, 15.7% a Gaming Console, 13% a Tablet, 12.6% a TV, and 9.3% responding that they’d prefer to receive Headphones for Christmas.

About Linio: Linio is the fastest growing online store in Latin America, with operations in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Panama. It has established itself as the reference in e-commerce in each of these markets, being known for customer satisfaction by offering a fast, safe and reliable delivery. offers the most comfortable, fast and safe option to choose from more than 8 million products from top brands at the most competitive prices in the market. The site has over 20,000 suppliers around the world.

Linio bases its services on offering the user a 360 degree experience, from the time the customer enters the site or app, until he or she receives the product. It also offers multiple payment options, including cash on delivery, debit and credit card payments and payment at convenience stores, amongst others.