GfK integrates Global Innovation Practice

Marilyn Raymond to lead integration of market opportunities and innovation research

Nuremberg, 12 November 2012 – Today, GfK announced the formation of a new global practice to help marketing professionals get the critical foresight needed to successfully tap into future markets.

“Innovation is hard work. Having a fact-based strategy for what you want to accomplish and how to do this is essential. Without foreseeing where the market is going, you run the risk of fruitless expenditure of investment funds. That’s why you need a view of tomorrow. That’s why you need the ability to marry evolving consumer needs with evolving market activity. It’s cheaper at the end of the day” said Marilyn Raymond, newly appointed Global head of Market Opportunities and Innovation.

Debbie Pruent, Member of the GfK Management Board stated, “For more than 75 years, GfK has gained a profound knowledge of consumers all around the world. As a part of our new ‘Big Future’ strategy we are recognizing our clients’ needs for a fully integrated offering for their Innovation journey. We have formed a global Market Opportunities and Innovations practice with experts providing our clients with more certainty to their innovation investments. Our expert network around the world will leverage GfK’s fact based consulting to provide our clients with the critical insights needed to successfully penetrate future markets.”

The future is already upon us

For global companies, market opportunities are often fueled by healthy and growing economies. But as well as economic indicators, the cultural perspective becomes equally as important when assessing the feasibility of investment in a region.

“The future is already upon us- perhaps not widely distributed or recognized just yet. But the opportunity lies in pinpointing how outside influences are impacting on your consumers and identifying when these influences become new needs”, said Raymond. “A new future market, be it a new opportunity for a company or a new industry, category or region, is really a new bundle of benefits that provide value to a sufficiently number of people – and delivers ROI. We at GfK realize that insights are important. However, foresights are also key as they help you time how and when to enter the market.”

About GfK

GfK is one of the world’s largest research companies, with more than 11,500 experts working to discover new insights into the way people live, think and shop, in over 100 markets, every day. GfK is constantly innovating and using the latest technologies and the smartest methodologies to give its clients the clearest understanding of the most important people in the world: their customers. In 2011, GfK’s sales amounted to €1.37 billion.