Get ready to meet the best in social media with Socialathon 2014


The role of social media platforms has evolved over the years to take a crucial place for serious marketers, where some are increasingly committing higher portions of their ad budgets. The challenge still remains on how to ride the wave efficiently as social media evolves from mere increase in fan base/ user base/ followers to community building, indentifying buying intent and listening to what people think about, or expect from, a brand.

Digital Market Asia conceptualised ‘Socialathon’ with the objective of recognising expertise and work that has kept at pace with the evolution of social media marketing.

The daylong event begins with bringing onstage some of the biggest names from the Asia Pacific region who have deep dived into understanding social media. The theme of the event, ‘What the Connections Mean’, aims to take the conversations of social media marketing to a level where investing in social media translates to moving business units.

The evening is dedicated to celebrating the best work from the region through ‘Socialathon Awards’.

Socialathon will take place on August 22, 2014, and the host country for the event this year is Delhi, India. “India is one of the largest markets for social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn amongst others. And yet the market poses an interesting dilemma where advertising revenues have still not translated to the ratio of the existing user base. As global MNCs, agencies and media owners continue to look at India is a high investment market, we thought it was the best place to house the first edition of Socialathon,” explained Annurag Batra, Chairman, BusinessWorld and Digital Market Asia.

Socialathon Awards has already seen entries from 10 markets from the region, and the number grows as the entry deadline of July 31, 2014 approaches.

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