eRideLite – A Mass Market Electric Bike for India, Crowdfunding on FuelADream

New Delhi Dec 2016: FuelADream, the Bangalore based crowdfunding platform announced the next generation electric bike called the “ eRideLite” in the city. The eRideLite team worked on creating an alternate mode of mass transportation, which is both affordable & sustainable. The team has been working on this project for the  last 4 years and has now launched 2 models of the electric bike in India .The models are differentiated by their range – one travels 50km on a single charge & the other has a 90 km range on a single charge. eRideLite electric bikes are available for pre-orders exclusively on


This electric bike is unique for the following key reasons:

First – When is the last time you heard of an electric bike which can be used in a normal bike model and has 6 gears to choose from ? This dual purpose makes it unique – in the electric mode you an zip across the city at a max speed of 25kmph & when you want to pedal or exercise you have a 6 gear bike.

Second – This E-bike is going to redefine affordability as it comes at an incredibly affordable price. Usually electric bikes with a 50 km range are priced around the 40,000 INR range in India. Even globally there are usually priced around the 599 USD mark. The 50 km range eRideLite starts at a price of 23,900 INR for pre-orders – that is at a 359 USD price point. That is truly extraordinary & will be difficult for anyone to match unless they completely re-engineer their manufacturing strategy!

Two factors have made their dream, of making an eco-friendly bike at an affordable cost, come true. One, is the ability of the team behind the e-RideLite to source components, design and manufacture this bike in India. The second is their crowdfunding strategy, which is mutually beneficial to manufacturer and consumer alike as it reduces working capital & inventory costs to almost zero. This translates into huge cost savings.

Speaking on the product, Mr Ajeet Kumar, Founder & CEO, R2H Motors said, “We’re proud of eRideLite – it’s a quality electric bike, created keeping the customers and the Indian roads in mind. They are stylish, lightweight and sturdy. We’ve managed to keep the costs low & want Electric bikes to find acceptance across consumers in both urban and rural India.“

Commenting on the launch Mr Ram Prasad, CMO, said, “We are excited about eRideLite, because E-bikes are the future of personal transportation. For such innovations, crowdfunding ensures a win-win for everyone – it cuts go-to-market costs for the innovator, and the consumers gets it directly from the manufacturer at affordable prices.”

Key Features & benefits:

  1. Easily removable, stem-mounted BATTERY
  2. Great pick up & speed : 0-20 Kmph in 10 seconds; Max speed of 25 Kmph.
  3. Range of the two models:
  4. eRideLite 50: 50 km on a single charge
  5. eRideLite 90: 90 km on a single charge
  6. Two modes: Electric mode & Manual / pedal mode with 6 gears
  7. Other Key Features: A sturdy, patent-pending frame design, disc brakes on both wheels, shock absorbers in the front wheels & the usual bike fittings including headlight, mud guard, etc.

To pre-order a electric bike visit: www.fueladream. com/home/campaign/357

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