Cre8comm – India’s first community driven e-commerce marketplace launches their services in India


~Cre8comm is a hyperlocal online delivery platform focused on authentic indigenous community products~

~Hygienic and fresh foods delivered in few hours to your home~

NewDelhi -21 June 2017 :Cre8comm -India’s first online community driven marketplace launches their services for consumers across the country. It is a marketplace where one can find the most authentic and indigenous products from the varied and diverse communities of India. It is one of the most advanced, convenient, hygienic, and easily available marketplaces in the country. It provides every community with almost every product, apparel, fresh and cooked foods from their hometown irrespective of where you live.

The company will begin delivering authentic community products and services which are usually difficult to find. From authentic fresh foods, such as meats and fish, and ready-made meals, apparel, items for ‘puja samagri’ for any occasion, such as a marriage or a griha pravesh. They also have many more products which are available in a certain state and community, and nowhere else in the world. At a click of a button, your authentic, freshly made, sumptuous Bengali mithai reaches you fresh and ready to eat.

The company aims to reduce cumbersome visits to the local market especially while searching for authentic products in a different city. Sometimes, that, which is rarely found in any other part of the country, leaving you with one option, call a relative, and has it couriered. Now with Cre8comm’s latest online services, your most loved Bengali mithai, fresh from the store, sweet, delicious and sumptuous is now immediately available to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Delighted to bring an authentic experience to India, Promita Sengupta , Director, Cre8comm shares, ’This project is very close to our hearts and it gives me immense pleasure to be introducing this revolutionary service to the communities of India with a plethora of indigenous products.  We are focusing on few communities to begin with. Soon we will be covering the rest of India. As demand grows, to make authentic, community products easily available and accessible for the Indians who are living in all corners of India, Cre8comm aims to provide solutions to many of these problems “.

“Initial focus will be the Bengali community followed by Oriya, Malayali and Bihari and more will be added in the future”, she further added.

About Cre8comm –

Cre8comm is the first community driven hyperlocal e-commerce marketplace which home-delivers traditional essentials and products to all the diverse communities of India. Today’s modern lifestyles and hectic work-life schedules; makes traditional necessities difficult to find. Hence the founders introduced this innovative concept on to the e-commerce platform, creating a new whole experience.

The company’s vision is to deliver authentic and special foods, especially those that you are craving for, and we go an extra step by bringing sumptuous traditional dishes from our own “Culture Kitchen”, an innovative dining concept where our chefs are locals of same the community.

We believe in partnering with the best local talent bridging avenues to build relationships in their culturally enriching journeys in delivering to India’s first community services based platform. This is a service which allows all our partners to serve from their own kitchens. We strongly believe in bringing people together through our socially responsible segment to a socio-cultural platform.

We cater to all your needs, by delivering food items in fresh, raw or cooked categories, traditional apparel, items for a ‘puja samagri’ for any occasion – be it a marriage or a simply griha pravesh, and sweets (misti). Our aim is to deliver fresh foods in 2 hours to preserve its freshness, making life convenient and hassle free.

The company’s initial focus is the Bengali Community followed by Oriya, Mallayali and Bihari coming soon. Cre8comm is a diversified community portal, like no other marketplaces in the world. It’s fresh and easily accessible.