Come, lets Save the World – Chawm Ganguly

_MG_0579I was badgered with a very strange query the other day while conducting a seminar on Sustainable Development and Climate Change. “Aren’t these matters for the governments and the big industries to figure out?” asked a typical geek. “I mean, how am I bothered really? Is there anything I can do to actually make a difference?”

Firstly, Climate Change is a matter that concerns us all – all living beings on the planet Earth, “… therefore send not to know / For whom the bell tolls / it tolls for thee!” Now to the more direct aspect of what we can do to make a difference.

The Power Saver Mode – all devices have built in “power saver mode” that automatically gets turned off when left unused for a pre designated period of time. Switch on to the mode and you will not believe how your consumption of energy is drastically reduced. Less energy, means less burning of fossil fuels, which means lesser impact on the climate.

Unplug and Switch off – once the charging is over, we simply jack off our gadgets, not switching off the power source which culminates into a huge loss of energy. Be responsible, switch off.

Turn off the tap – the amount of water we waste is humongous. By being water savvy, by turning on the tap for just the amount we need and by curbing wastage, we can all make a huge difference.

Use your own coffee mug – every time we have a cup of coffee, we are either aiding the destruction of rainforests (paper cups are made from wood pulp sourced from trees) or are adding to heaps of plastic waste that promises to cover the Earth’s surface one day and choke all forms of life to destruction. By using our own coffee mugs, we can stem the rot. Besides, personalized coffee mugs, with their whacky messages are uber kewl!

Hold that print – don’t press that print button for every mail that you get. You moron, why can’t you read from the screen? By printing that worthless chain mail, you are contributing to the denudation of trees, which are our best way of combating global warming.

Pool Resources – use public transportation as frequently as you can. Use pool cars, which spread the use of fuel over many heads leading to better economics apart from having a lesser impact on the climate.

Walk that talk – don’t just talk big. Walk as much as you can. It is good for your health and for the health of the planet. As the more you walk, the less energy you use. And yes, if you can, drop that jacket and that neck tie. If you dress as though you are in Europe in the sweltering heat of Noida, you are going to need a battery of air conditioners to stop you from going insane (which you probably are in the first place, to dress like that). Instead, wear more tropical clothes and use less energy.

Plant a tree – wanna stand up and get counted? Plant a tree and water it regularly. That’s your ticket to a Sustainable World Order and will surely win you brownie points once you reach Heaven.

Switch to energy saving devices – the shelves are full of energy compliant devices. They may cost a weenie bit more but make up for it over the long run. Switch. Or perish.

Spread the word / embrace Green products – if you can do nothing, then at the least spread the word. There are many products that are recycled, or are plain vanilla eco friendly. Try embracing them.

Let these be the Ten Commandments – your revelation on the Mount of Sinai. Go forth my children, ye can build the Kingdom of Sustainability, on Earth!