BESC unveils Insta-garam: a Tweet 4 the Tests

Students, all ye, who spent their college years posting pout-selfies on Facebook and consequently have ended up with enough knowledge to fill a Tweet, take heart. BESC has got the Insta-garam for you.

Coming close on the heels of the much acclaimed “Remedial Classes”, where those, who, for whatever reasons, may have missed out the regular lectures were provided with an opportunity to play catch-up before the University exams, Insta-garam promises to be another manna from the heavens, or the college management, or whatever. The idea is to help the winners roll, the toilers take heed and the academically challenged to channel their efforts to maximise their returns on efforts invested. It is an effort to tackle the googlies that may be thrown so that students don’t have to waste time Googling for the answers and can focus on their studies.

Members of the Faculty have been reading your desperate WhatsApp messages and, even as you read this, are working hard to decipher the trends (analytics, my friends) so that you can be provided with the “last minute suggestions”. Christened Insta-garam, to connect with digital nomads like you, the exercise will not only provide the probable sets of questions, but also help identify the answers that are likely to generate the maximum likes to what you post. The idea is to help you cross the digital divide, so that we may meet you again, on the other side of graduation, in Linked in, as you make the transition from the campus to the corporate world.

Insta-garam sessions will cover Business Maths & Stats, Financial Accountancy I & II, Direct & Indirect Tax, Cost & Management Accounting, Business Regulatory Framework, Economics and will be open to all college students who are appearing for the university examinations. “Ours is not to reason why” said Prof Dilip Shah, Dean of Student Affairs, “BESC has always believed in doing everything possible to help our students cross the bar and Insta-garam is no exception. May the force be with you.”


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