Bajaj Avenger advocates scribes to let go of social media and get close to nature

Avenger FLG logo Final
Avenger FLG logo Final

Mumbai: If one were to do some research on the web or simply read up on how technology has made a visible difference in our lives, there will be reams of pages telling you on the exact nature of changes it has bought about on humankind. The situation is such that today, we are unable to function or even let a moment go by without being pursued by a device by our side. This trend is particularly true for the youth of today, who are accused of leading a life highly inspired by digital.

Of the mediums that one can think of, social media occupies the top spot where the youth of today spend most time on. Whether they are tweeting about something funny that happened, or are posting a video on YouTube, they are constantly leading digital lives. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn have become an integral part of their social life including the way they connect and interact with the audience around them.

But having too much of something can sometimes be a bane and end up being a trap of sorts. In their quest to be constantly connected via social media users often fail to realize that they are getting disconnected with other offline pleasures that life has to offer. To highlight this trend, Bajaj Avenger has unveiled a unique digital campaign on occasion of Social Media Day. Conceptualised by Mullen Lintas, the campaign is titled ‘Connect with yourself on Social Media Day’ and urges people to connect with themselves and stay away from the online world.

Commenting on the initiative, Sumeet Narang, Vice President – Marketing, Bajaj Auto Ltd said: “Bajaj Avenger, as a brand is all about liberation. So in today’s context, we looked at what’s that one thing that seems to be holding us back. Social media is primarily giving people the means to reach out, keeping them up to date and is constantly coming up with newer ways to connect. The flipside being, it seems to be tying us down. Tying us down to such an extent that we are losing ourselves to it. So we thought 30th June will be an opportune moment to get Brand Avenger to voice this message to urge people to liberate themselves a value that it stands for.”

Adding his views on the unique experience behind the project, Amer Jaleel, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, Mullen Lintas said, “While we’re trying out newer and fresher ways of engaging with the digital audience, we are also trying out newer and fresher ways of client-agency partnership. Many of the things that we’re doing with Bajaj are quite unconventional. We operate more like co-founders. Co-founders of ideas and co-founders of the brand. Which puts huge pressure on both us and the client in terms of the depth of thinking to higher regard for ideas. It’s a fabulous journey and we both truly FLG.”

The film begins with the protagonist riding on his Avenger outside city limits and exploring nature. He is seen traversing huge patches of green fields, lakes, mountains and other such natural wonders and appreciating the beautiful landscape spread all around him. At every halt, he keeps taking out his cellphone and keeps checking for the phone’s signal. Until he comes to a point on the mountain top where the signal strength drops to zero. Here is when he exults in joy and drops his phone down – signifying his happiness of being to himself amidst nature with nothing else to accompany him.

On the thought process behind the campaign, Shriram Iyer, National Creative Director, Mullen Lintas said, “Social media has taken over our lives. It makes us aware of what’s happening around us and what our friends up to. But in this process, we seem to be losing touch with ourselves. So this campaign urges people to find this connection. Actually this as a script was residing within our agency for long and in fact we had pitched it to the client in the initial stages of the launch itself but then when contexted against social media day, it became an even powerful idea. We are excited with the way the final film has come about.”

The engaging digital video content is being launched on occasion of Social Media Day and will play on all popular online channels highlighting the cause.

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Client: Bajaj Auto

Team: Sumeet Narang, Shardul mujumdar, Mohit Handa

Agency: Mullen Lintas

Creative: Amer Jaleel, Shriram Iyer, Sethu Satish Madhavan, Ripanka Kalita, Pradyot Mokashi

Account Management: Raj Ayyappan, Manish Somani, Ahsan Khan, Pallavi Krishna

Planning: Ekta Relan

Director: Anaam Mishra (Absolute Productions)

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