70 % of U.S. Singles Would Prefer to Date an iPhone User

  • 70% of singles would prefer to date an iPhone user over an Android user
  • Nearly half of women view an old phone as an immediate turn-off
  • More than one third of men feel a cracked screen demonstrates lack of personal care and financial security

Ever wonder if your phone is hurting your dating life? In a recent survey of U.S. singles, Decluttr, a fast, easy and free service to sell your old tech, discovered that your phone make, model and even its condition can play a role in how your date perceives you.

Among 1,502 singles surveyed, most indicate they notice the brand and/or model of their date’s phone right off the bat, and 7 in 10 say they’d prefer to date an iPhone user, with many stating that they feel the iPhone is a more sophisticated and high-quality option: “iPhones are classier, when I think of Samsung I just think it’s kinda bummy.”

Furthermore, nearly 2 in 5 iPhone users feel that phone type impacts initial positive impressions of a date: 65% of iPhone users are inclined to consider a first date with an Android user, while only about half of Android users would say the same about an iPhone user. “iPhones are overpriced and overly fragile, and if my date had one, I could potentially assume that he may make unfavorable financial and/or purchasing decisions.”

To those women with an old or broken phone, you’ve been warned: more than a third of men stated that a phone with a cracked screen reflects negatively upon a first date by demonstrating lack of personal care and financial security. Conversely, women are less likely to be concerned about a broken phone screen, and more likely to be turned off by an old phone model.

Where etiquette comes into play, iPhone users are more likely to cancel last minute or end a relationship over text, than Android users. iPhone users are similarly more prone to make a bathroom pit stop to use their phone, text a friend, and complain about their date while they are out with someone new. iPhone users are also more likely to text friends mid-date to find ways to excuse themselves when it’s not going well.

Finally, while singles generally wait until the fourth date to use their phone openly while out on a date, 2 in 5 are still likely to text if a date is going poorly.

For singles looking to ‘win’ in the first impression department, they should head over to Decluttr to trade in their old phones for a newer model, or perhaps jump ship from Android to iPhone, or vice versa.


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