10 reasons why you can be the next Blogging Sensation – Chawm Ganguly

A blog is one of the most effective means on inbound marketing and anyone, be that a out of home designer or a large multinational can use it to add punch to their marketing efforts. It is one of the simplest things to do and has the potential of really putting things on fire. Yet, when it comes to blogging, people become so damn self conscious and immediately set up their mental blocks against blogs.

“I haven’t written since I left college”, “I don’t know how to go about it”, “isn’t blogging for young people?”, “I’m not a good writer”, “I don’t have anything to say” – ask and you will be inundated with knee jerk responses. Don’t let these negatives sway you. There are solid arguments going for you and with a little dedicated effort you can convert yourself into a champion blogger. Not convinced? Here are ten reasons that argue your case:

  1. Passion. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, no one can match the passion that you have for your company, goods and services, brand or product. Your passion and warmth will be reflected in your posts – soothing that even the greatest wordsmiths will not be able to match.
  2. Domain knowledge. I may be a highly sought after writer, but what the hell do I know about stitching ladies suits? Or for that matter, where to get the best designer buttons and accessories that give your creations that exclusive edge? Naturally, when you write about a piece that you have crafted with tender loving care, neither will I be able to match your knowledge about your craft nor will I be able to replicate your love.
  3. The next Bible? You won’t have to actually write miles. As long as you have some material in your content, you can get away with hundred word posts too. Okay, five to seven hundred word articles are ideal to make the points legibly communicated to the readers, but like I said, there are no hard rules. Don’t be bogged by the words, they are pearls – just string them together for those who are waiting out there to hang on to every word of wisdom that you utter.
  4. Look Mom – No Words.  As a matter of fact, you don’t need to write always. Sometimes, you may just post that picture that says a thousand words. Or, upload a short video clip. For that matter, anything interesting from info-graphics to design sketches can be posted so as to connect with the readers and communicate your point across.
  5. Google was invented for you. Even within the sphere of your expertise there may be areas that you are not confident enough to rush into. Don’t let that discourage you – it is not a sin not to know everything. Just Google it and go on.
  6. Content from Compartments. Just search and you will come across reams of data that you can use as content for your blogs. That presentation you made, the PPT that you created for the boss, the marketing whitepaper you had written aeons ago, the designs for fall-winter that were discarded for some reason – with a little brush up, they can all be used effectively. It’s essentially a “search and seize” operation. Sting it.
  7.  Much ado about nothing. It is about communicating the point across. And for doing so, you don’t need to be a Shakespeare, nor do you have to write the next Harry Potter saga. As long as you are legible and what you are saying is capable of holding the attention of your readers, you don’t have to worry about the shades of grey. Keep Blogging.
  8. Split no hair over spelling. Spelling, punctuation,  grammar – these are concerns for lesser mortals, not a domain expert like you. If you find them a bother, enlist the help of a friend or a colleague as often little inconsistencies that creep in are not identified by the eyes of the writer. A quick glance by a third person helps, a lot at that. Proof readers and editors too can be outsourced if you have the resources.
  9.  Hire a Pen. Writer, blogger, editor, hack – you can hire the services of a classroom of experts to add that professional touch to your blog. Friends and colleagues to have unique skill sets that you can access to make your blog stand out. It is a creative exercise, and once you are married to your blog you will see how ingenious you can get to keep it going.
  10. Just do it. Staring is the only thing that you have to do. Then, like all addictions, you will get the high and slowly get sucked into the wonderland. Trust me; it’s no less alluring than Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll.