ZyXEL Leads Industry on DSL Broadband Technology

ZyXEL logo (1)Product Portfolio Tops the Segment to Revolutionize Broadband Access Deployments

September 20, 2013, New Delhi– ZyXEL Communications, a world-class broadband networking company providing a wide-ranging portfolio of Internet-enabled wired and wireless solutions with proven business records in collaboration with the world’s leading telecommunications and service providers, announces today the availability of its new performance-driven VDSL2 gateway product range (VMG4325/4380/8324/8924). With the future-proof 802.11ac wireless technology in combination with advancements such as Vectoring, Bonding and Combo WAN functionalities, the new fleet of Internet access solutions once again manifests ZyXEL’s long-standing leadership in DSL broadband technology and application developments.

On top of the 802.11n wireless technology built into the entire range, the VMG8924 exceptionally features the cutting-edge 802.11ac concurrent dual-band technology for additional power of performance. It enables not only the astounding throughput of as high as 1300 Mbps, but also operates with a specifically efficient dual-band mechanism. With the capability to perform concurrent packet transmission over both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, the mechanism alleviates traffic congestion and cross-interference within a single band to a great extent when numerous electronic devices are accessing the network simultaneously. The bandwidth performance, such as data throughput, coverage range and resilience to interference, is enormously boosted to secure high-quality transmission for high-definition multimedia applications.

To equip service providers with the capability to provide optimal bandwidth performance through network deployments, the gateways have incorporated two additional state-of-the-art technological breakthroughs – Vectoring and Bonding. Vectoring is a technique that revives the performance of decade-old DSL copper wires for rejuvenated networking efficiency; by cancelling out the noise or electromagnetic interference on VDSL2 lines in a bundle, vectoring enables higher speeds as if a leased line exists the bundle and it also doubles the bandwidth for better throughputs. With the improvement, service providers can enlarge service coverage for over three times.

On the other hand, the Bonding technique combines two physical pairs and a virtual pair into a large single bundle to significantly boost the effectiveness and performance. Clients will benefit from the collective results to enjoy transmission speeds of up to 150 Mbps as well as high authenticity and reliability for bandwidth-intensive digital applications such as IPTV, OTT (Over-the-Top) and interactive audio/video media.

The new series of Gigabit gateways features multi-fold functionalities including dual-mode VDSL2/ADSL2+ as well as Combo WAN (DSL and Gigabit Ethernet). The high availability and flexibility enable service providers to configure the device conveniently for different FTTH/FTTB/FTTC deployments without investing additional efforts and resources for replacements or re-configurations.

Environmental friendliness is one of ZyXEL’s striving corporate responsibility practices. The new Wireless VDSL2 Vectoring Bonding Combo WAN Gigabit Gateways adopt many green features such as the freedom for users to turn on/off the LED for not only power saving but also avoiding the unnecessary blinking of the LED lights. Power consumption can also be reduced when Internet connection is not active. The full series of new gateways complies with the TR-069 remote management standard, which allows service providers to configure and manage client devices remotely without end user intervention.

In addition to the highlights, there are more other exciting features and functionalities in the new Gigabit Gateway Series that empower service providers with full capability to construct fast and performance-assured wireless broadband connection for subscribers.

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