Taher Shams steps into new role as Managing Director of UAE healthcare provider

Mr. Taher Shams  Dr. Zulekha Daud & Ms. Zanubia Shams

Dubai, UAE, 24 November, 2015: The Zulekha Healthcare Group has announced the new designations of senior management in a bid to empower corporate governance principles within the organisation and to external stakeholders.

Mr. Taher Shams will take on a new appointment at Zulekha Hospital as Managing Director which will also see him take responsibility for all of Group’s assets including the new Alexis Hospital in India and Zulekha Healthcare Group in UAE.

Dr. Zulekha Daud, the Founder of Zulekha Hospital, is now the Chairperson, while Ms. Zanubia Shams’ new designation is Co-Chairperson.

Taher Shams began his career with Zulekha Healthcare Group, which runs two multi-specialty hospitals, three medical centres and a pharmacy network, after achieving a degree in marketing and finance.  During his time with the organisation, he has grown through the ranks off the back of a wide spectrum of contributions.

“In my new role, I am looking forward to driving Zulekha Hospital’s focus in the healthcare sector to our local community as well as through expansion projects across India,” said Mr. Taher Shams, Managing Director, Zulekha Hospital.  “I am dedicated towards quality healthcare in the region and will continue to deliver a hands-on approach in the hospitals’ daily operations.”

Since arriving in the UAE five decades ago, Dr. Zulekha Daud has revolutionised the development of healthcare by following her dream of making world-class medical facilities to provide family care at affordable costs.

She is the first female Indian medical professional and entrepreneur in the UAE who diligently worked for the welfare of UAE nationals and expatriates at a time when access to healthcare was limited.

In her new role as Co-chairperson, Ms. Zanubia Shames, the daughter of Dr. Zulekha Daud, will continue to act as a prolific entrepreneur and healthcare ambassador.  She said, “Zulekha Healthcare Group’s practices and processes have proven to be sustainable and we have worked hard towards benchmarking ourselves to local and international standards in healthcare in order to continually improve on our service and care models.

“Our team at Zulekha Hospital works incredibly hard, around the clock to ensure the hospital provides the very best service for its patients and our community.  Our management team at the hospital is extremely committed to the work they do, putting patient care before all else.”

Today the Zulekha Healthcare group includes two multidisciplinary hospitals, four medical centres and three pharmacies in the UAE providing specialised treatments in over 25 disciplines. The Group is also opening a multidisciplinary hospital in India.

One of the forerunners in UAE healthcare, Zulekha Hospital has earned widespread recognition for service to patients, collecting the Dubai Quality Award twice in the last four years.

The hospital is frequently playing its part towards society and most recently spearheaded a new breast cancer awareness initiative to help reduce the incidence of the disease and save lives across the Emirates.