Zilch – the infinite Nothingness from which springs Life

Somolekha’s website is now live. Officially it heralds the launch of her third book of poems Zilch, but it is a lot more. Beautifully crafted, the website offers a rare peep into the life of the poetess, her work – where the diamonds are scattered so carelessly that even beggars don’t stoop to pick them up.


Somolekha, is one of the most accomplished wordsmiths of her age. Her poems are poignant; they speak of loneliness, of despair, of love that is unrequited; as if always yearning for that something that is ever elusive, destined to flutter like a butterfly, but never to settle on the brow. Yet her poems are also a testimonial of her inner resolve – her tenacious determination to take the demon of emptiness by its horns, to caress the barren darkness, perhaps in some desperate attempt to let the light in…

There is a strange order in her writings – not the kind of chaotic order that waits for God to create cosmos from, as the name of her latest book would want one to believe, but a kind of order that remains latent under the surface, an ultra-sensory consciousness whose presence can be felt just under the skin, that is destined to tempt from where the realm of the possible merges into the great nothingness called Zilch!

Zilch is the third offering from Somolekha and completes the triumvirate, the Holy Ghost of finer feelings, meeting the Father and the Son as it were. Her two earlier books “Little Tales from La La Land” and “Conundrum” were not only critically acclaimed by those who do not rest at just scratching the surface, but had also achieved a reasonable amount of commercial success.


Somolekha is indignant, batting her big soulful eyes in obvious pain when matters commercial crop up and somehow, she doesn’t sound like the tutored clichés that artists parrot, when she says, “it is not about the money, it never was and it never will be. I have just written what my soul compels me to. The poems are spontaneous, are a reflection of the deepest feelings that float about in the cesspool of my soul. Please do not honour me by putting a price tag – or else I too will be compelled to join what you call the mainstream”.

Now that would be a pity, for we are already praying for your tribe to increase!

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