Zeta eases retail payment further with NFC-enabled Super Tag


August 24, 2016, Mumbai:  Zeta, an emerging fin-tech start-up that is bringing disruptions in the Employee Tax Benefits and Rewards space, has introduced Near Field Communication (NFC) based payment feature that enables its users to pay with even more ease at any cash counter.

Zeta Super Tag is a small NFC-enabled tag that can be synced with Zeta Meal Vouchers account in a few seconds. It is so tiny that it can be stuck on to practically anything a user wants —  phone, Super Card or just about anything.

Zeta Co-Founder and CEO Bhavin Turakhia said, “To make a payment, all a user needs to do is tap the Super Tag on a NFC reading device at the cash counter and the money will be automatically deducted from his Zeta account. A single tap, that’s all it takes to pay with the Zeta Super Tag. It sticks onto your personal effects such as a key, ID card or even a pen – turning them into payment devices. The Super Tag makes the payments experience easier and saves the user’s time as well.”

Zeta is disrupting the Employee Tax Benefits and Rewards space with its revolutionary digitized employee benefit offerings and this feature is the latest from Zeta stable to offer a seamless tech enabled payment solutions for its users.

Within days of launch, Zeta Super Tag has become popular among its customers and around 8,000 users are already using it. At present, this feature is available only in office cafes and Zeta plans to roll out it for retails users later.