YEVO Announces Availability of New Generation of True Wireless Headphones

Experience Total Freedom with the Smart Headphones of the Future



New York – May 24th, 2017 – YEVO Labs, a Stockholm-based innovation lab born from the creators of Happy Plugs, announces the availability of its flagship product, YEVO 1. This new generation of smart headphones are engineered to musical perfection and superior performance using Near-Field Magnetic Induction pairing technology, setting them apart from other Bluetooth-connected wireless devices. Listeners will experience total freedom of movement without any wires and top-shelf sound quality with YEVO 1 which is available now for $249.00 at Bloomingdales US, Best Buy Canada, Colette Paris and worldwide at

“We look to uncover the future of audio at YEVO Labs and pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of technology,” said Andreas Vural, founder and president of YEVO Labs and Happy Plugs. “YEVO 1 not only changes the way people will experience audio, it connects with our customers’ personal individuality and unique style.”

YEVO 1’s streamlined aesthetic is inspired by faceted precious metals and smooth silhouettes. The headphones deliver a synchronized and wire-free HD sound experience in a sleek, sophisticated way through Knowles® balanced armatures and the latest advancements in audio. They deliver a safe, crystal-clear sound quality that is fine-tuned to hit crisp highs and deep lows. Wrapped in Rose Gold, Gold and Glossy Black accents, YEVO 1 is available in three colorways – Jet Black, Ivory White and Onyx   Black.

Unlike other True Wireless headphones, YEVO 1 lets listeners experience ultimate freedom with Bluetooth 4.1 connection and Near-Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) pairing for secure connectivity. Innovative NFMI technology, originating in the hearing aid industry, utilizes a low-power magnetic field to transmit data, meaning listeners will use far less power with YEVO 1 than other Bluetooth-connected headphones.

As soon as YEVO 1 is inserted into listeners’ ears, they will experience the headphone’s Passive Noise Cancellation. YEVO also lets the world in with just a tap, activating the innovative Audio Transparency feature so users can hear and react to their surroundings, like crossing busy city streets on their morning commute. Touch sensor technology coupled with three built-in microphones turn functional elements into distinctive design features allowing listeners to control music and manage volume, take phone calls, activate Audio Transparency, and access smart features like Siri and Google Assistant with just a tap.

Through the YEVO app, users can bring the listening experience to life by enabling equalizer to choose between a preset mode or customize their music exactly the way they want it. Passive Noise Cancellation and Audio Transparency technology, which regulate the level of noise from the environment around us, can also be controlled through the app, which is available now for iOS and Android.

Perfect for travel and long commutes, the YEVO 1 comes with a sleek storage case that also functions as a portable charger holding up to five extra charges, while YEVO 1 delivers up to 20 hours of total battery life*. Six additional ear tips guarantee a customized, secure fit so earbuds will never slip out of your ears.


Key Features YEVO 1

  • DESIGN & STYLE – Inspired by faceted precious metals and smooth shapes to deliver advanced technology in a sleek, sophisticated way.
  • PASSIVE NOISE ISOLATION – Passive noise cancellation begins as soon as YEVO 1 is inserted into your ears. Activate audio transparency with a tap to hear the world around you.
  • ACOUSTICS – Built with two dedicated amps driving high-precision balanced armature speakers for an incredibly detailed sound with excellent mid and high-tones and a tight bass response all reproduced with minimal distortion. Designed for pro-audio in-ear applications.
  • APP CONTROL – Customize EQ, toggle between Presets and Filters or activate Bass Boost, customized touch controls and Audio Transparency to get out the most out of YEVO 1.
  • TOUCH & CONTROL – Manage volume, take phone calls, control your music, activate audio transparency, access Siri and Google Now and more with just a tap.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT / FREEDOM – Weighing only 8 grams, YEVO 1 fits securely and comfortably in your ear for unlimited freedom of movement. 6 different ear tips guarantee a perfect fit.
  • STORAGE & CHARGE CASE – Charge on the go with the sophisticated and lightweight (80 grams) storage case.
  • AUDIO TRANSPARENCY & MICROPHONES – Audio Transparency keeps you connected to your surroundings by letting sound in or keeping it out. With three omni-directional microphones, one microphone allows for calls while the other two microphones keep listening to your surroundings, filtering away unwanted noise for crisp call quality.
  • BATTERY – Up to 20 hours of battery life* with the elegant, slim storage and charge case.
  • CONNECTIVITY – Connect with 4.1 Bluetooth and Near-Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) pairing, ranging up to 33 feet from any Bluetooth enabled device/phone/tablet.

* Battery time is approximate and depends on network configuration, signal strength, operating temperature, voice and data mix, and features selected. Listening time: 3-4h and calling time 3h per charge. Charging case yields 4-5 extra charges on the go.

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YEVO Labs is a Stockholm-based innovation lab at the vanguard of consumer tech, creating and marketing the future of audio. From idea to finished product, YEVO Labs strives to create products that make our lives easier and break boundaries of what is possible. YEVO Labs was born from the creators of Happy Plugs. Founded in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden, Happy Plugs has developed a strong international appeal by defining its own mix of design and tech. As a global market leader in fashion tech, Happy Plugs is an influential force in the consumer electronics industry. For more information, visit



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