Yaytrade makes key recruitment and prepares for international expansion

“Yaytrade challenges the traditional marketplace mindset” – David Oliva


The Swedish Tech company Yaytrade has quickly become renowned for their unique marketplace where you can use anything of value in buy/sales, swap and rental and was launched at the beginning of the year. Now they are preparing for their upcoming internationalization and have recruited David Oliva to their Board.


Since the launch, Yaytrade has had thousands of visitors from more than 160 countries – a user base that just keeps growing. Now the company is preparing to scale up and expand to select international markets and at the same time have brought the former key manager at Schibsted Marketplaces, David Oliva, on board.

– “I believe in Yaytrade. Their unique platform challenges the traditional marketplace structure and opens up for more types of peer-to-peer transactions and business deals, which is very timely. They have managed to capture the growing needs in the sharing economy and proved that their model works. Now it’s full speed ahead,” says David Oliva.


Previously, David Oliva has been a main figure at Blocket and Schibsted’s international marketplaces, where in recent years he was responsible globally for Monetization/business development. In this role, the focus was on scaling up the business in South America, North Africa and parts of Europe. David Oliva left Schibsted in September to join the rapidly growing Norwegian “gazelle” company Nettbureau. 

– “David will prevent us from not taking any missteps and make sure we do things in the right order. Since he has done this before and has great knowledge and understanding, we will quickly learn how we can simplify the procedure to make this as great and extensive as possible,” says David Knape, Yaytrade’s CEO.


Yaytrade, with partners like celebrity and influencer couple Janni Déler and Jon Olsson, is managed by the founders David Knape and Jon Berglund.

– “The user base is constantly growing, with new users from all over the world, but primarily from Europe and North America, much thanks to our collaborations with influencers. We are constantly working hard to find innovative and efficient ways in our marketing to reach out to our target group and we see a significant cost-efficient trend in our KPIs. By the end of Q2 next year, Yaytrade will be rolled out in selected international markets.”


In addition to David Oliva, the board consists of chairman Johan Hernmarck, a tech veteran, who with his investment company Provider Investment was one of Tradera’s largest owners when Tradera was acquired by eBay in 2006, the former Goldman Sachs partner Carl Palmstierna, Oscar Salén, Alex Kerber and the founding duo.

– “It is a crucial step for us in our internationalization to have the right strategic competence on Yaytrade’s board. Now, with a number of well-known names on the board with David Oliva as the latest addition, we have a very exciting management team that work actively with us in our strategic decisions,” David Knape concludes.



This is Yaytrade:

• Yaytrade is a new, smart marketplace, not only for buying and selling, but also for swapping and renting products and services. Anyone can put up an ad free of charge, decide their price and offer the opportunity for others to buy, swap or rent anything of value – money, items and services. 


• The buyer is not limited to one payment method and can combine monetary payments with providing of services or swapping products and services – which creates a more personal shopping experience with greater freedom to decide the terms and conditions for their purchase. For all offers or purchases, the buyer and seller can have a close dialogue via a chat function. 


• Yaytrade is available online or as a mobile app for Android and iOS, and it is quick and simple for users to register via Facebook (among other platforms) to start selling.


• Yaytrade offers card payments via Stripe’s safe payment solution, which locks the payment until the buyer has received the product or service.