Writing and Navigating On A Tablet Has Never Been Smoother

New carbon fibre covered tip, new colours, new feel: Bamboo Stylus 3rd Generation to be revealed at IFA 2014 in Berlin

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Rubber on glass does not provide a smooth writing or navigation experience, right? The carbon fiber covered tip of the 3rd generation Bamboo Stylus family now gives a surprisingly smooth and comfortable feeling when writing or navigating on a touchscreen.

Living in the digital age, computers and all kinds of mobile devices are becoming so natural, most people do not think about whether to use them, but only how they could be made even more intuitive and comfortable. That is also true for all touchscreen devices, says Mike Gay, Head of Wacom Consumer Business: “There are a lot of navigation functions that feel much easier using a pen instead of your fingers – let alone writing or drawing.”

Undisputedly a pen is the most natural tool for human beings to express thoughts and ideas. Based on a 30 year legacy of inventing, developing and manufacturing digital pen devices, Wacom now presents 3rd generation Bamboo Stylus solo (for capacitive devices) and Bamboo Stylus duo as a combination with a traditional ball pen for use on capacitive devices and all sorts of paper. Both products carry a new, carbon coated rubber tip that makes sure of a very smooth and near-natural feel while writing, sketching or navigating directly on the screen. Wacom also introduces some fresh colours: “People can choose from six trendy colours: silver and grey for the traditionalists and shiny blue, bright green, sunny orange and girlish pink for the “fashionistas”.

Availability and pricing

The newly introduced third generation Bamboo Stylus solo and Bamboo Stylus duo as well as the Bamboo Stylus fineline and Intuos Creative Stylus 2 will be showcased at IFA. All products can be tested at Wacom´s booth (hall 12, stand 104) for the first time. Available in Wacom´s eStore and various retailers as of today the Bamboo Stylus duo is priced at €29.90 (UK: £24.99), the Bamboo Stylus solo at €19.90 (UK: £16.99).

For further information please check out the website: http://www.wacom.com/en/gb/everyday