• UAE-based rider Sam Sunderland urges drivers to keep racing strictly to the track
  • Police statistics reveal speed is number one killer for motorcycle fatalities
Bosch MSC
New Bosch two-wheeler powertrain systems – Bosch has developed components for both mass commuter two-wheelers in Asia and high-performance bikes in Europe and North America.

Dubai, UAE: With speed causing 90 per cent of traffic accidents on Dubai roads, Robert Bosch LLC has developed the world’s first all-in-one safety system for motorcycles which will help to save lives.


According to Col Saif Al Mazroui, Director of Dubai Traffic Police, most accidents involving recreational motorcycles are fatal due to bikers driving in excess of 100kph without protective clothing.


The Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC), designed to measure key motorcycle data and intervene in critical situations, allows riders to brake and accelerate safely, without sacrificing performance.


Dubai Police statistics have revealed that there were 22 rollover motorcycle accidents in the winter, in which 28 people were injured, 14 severely.


With the MSC system hoping to reduce the number of fatalities on the road, UAE based-rider Sam Sunderland, from the Red Bull KTM Factory Rally Team, believes all drivers need to keep to the speed limits and be extra cautious when driving in traffic.


Sunderland said: “There are so many different nationalities on the road and each one has their own way and style of driving.  Whichever country I ride in, I always ride as if nobody can see me.  This tactic ensures that I am as prepared as I can be for any situation and hopefully keeps me safer on the roads.


“It is important everyone enjoys driving and the freedom to ride, but racing needs to be kept strictly for the track. Speed kills. It is always encouraging knowing that new technology is being developed to help reduce the numbers of accidents on the roads and ultimately improve the safety and driving experience of motorcycles.”


The MSC system applies acceleration and braking proportionally to prevent the wheels from locking, spinning, or lifting from the ground, and monitors the riding situation to achieve maximum deceleration in straight-line braking.

“MSC is the next big step in motorcycle safety,” said Andreas Bodemer, Vice President for Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, Middle East and Africa. “With so many motorcycle fatalities occurring along curves, this technology will help riders to pilot safely through these challenging situations.


“MSC is a leading-edge solution that does not interfere with the thrill of the ride, but aids us in reaching our goal of accident- and injury-free driving.”

Bosch offers a modular approach to motorcycle safety technologies, including ABS units to suit any type of motorized two-wheeler that features a hydraulic brake system.


The portfolio ranges from a single hydraulic brake channel to control the front wheel, to a dual-channel system, to the top-of-the-line ABS 9 enhanced system, which features an electronic combined brake system function that automatically optimizes brake performance on both wheels, regardless of which brake the rider applies.