#WorldEmojiDay: Here are the most popular emojis on Twitter



Sunday 7/17 is #WorldEmojiDay, and to kick off the celebration🎉, we looked at some data 📈 around how emojis are used everyday on Twitter . Emojis are used constantly on Twitter, helping us to express emotion and tell stories on a daily basis.

Twitter has created a custom emoji to celebrate the beloved emoji’s birthday. Simply Tweet with #WorldEmojiDay all weekend to activate the custom Twitter emoji.

See below for some India-specific data, global data and ‘Four Tales of Emojis’ on Twitter showcasing just how people around the world are using emojis on Twitter.

Things to note:

  • All data (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016)
  • *Emoji is measured by count of its appearances, not # of tweets it appears in.


Top emoji used in India is the joy emoji😂

The top 3 unique emojis used in India on Twitter that are :

  1. Namaste emoji 🙏
  2. Perfect emoji 👌
  3. Thumbs Up 👍

Top 10 Emojis used in India on Twitter

  1. 😂 – Joy
  2. 😍 – Heart eyes
  3. 🙏- Namaste
  4. 👏 – Clap
  5. 😘 – Kissing Heart
  6. 👌- Perfect
  7. 😊 – Blush
  8. 👍- Thumbs Up
  9. 💃- Dancer
  10. 🔥- Fire


We took a look at the most used emojis in 20 countries around the world:












Our data shows that some emojis are more popular than others depending on the season. These emojis shined most for each month of the year📆:


The data also shows us a few fun facts about how emojis are Tweeted:

  • People Tweet more beer emojis🍻 than coffee emojis☕☕
  • Twitter has a favorite emoji monkey, the see no evil monkey 🙈
  • There are more full heart emojis💗 Tweeted than broken heart emojis💔 5 times more to be exact

The most Tweeted face emojis:

  1. 😂
  2. 😍
  3. 😭

The most Tweeted hand emojis:

  1. 👏
  2. 🙏
  3. 👌

The most Tweeted heart emojis:

  2. 💕
  3. 💓

The most Tweeted reaction:

  1. 🔥
  2. 🎉

The most Tweeted about food:

  1. 🎂
  2. 🍕
  3. 🍓

See them all summarized in this image below:


Four tales of emojis on Twitter

We’ve also pulled together four stories of emojis on Twitter that show how these little characters are changing the way we Tweet.

Whether it’s an Australian member of parliament, a Beyonce fan or stars reacting to #BREXIT people around the world are expressing themselves with emojis more than ever.

So if you haven’t started Tweeting with emojis, then what better chance to join the world emoji party.

Here’s some inspiration:

1) Politics

During the recent Australian Federal election campaign, Deputy Leader of the Opposition and queen of emojis, @JulieBishopMP responded to journalists and voters on Twitter using emojis

Here are some examples:







One of the biggest features of election day in Australia is the sausage sizzle at polling booths. So it’s no surprise that the most-Tweeted #ausvotes emoji on polling day (2 July 2016) was the sausage in a bun!


When politiican and UKIP party leader and rival Nigel Farage announced his resignation earlier this month, rival politician Douglas Carswell Tweeted a single emoji in response


2) Lemonade!

Beyonce’s album Lemonade made the lemon and bee emojis very popular on Twitter in April as fans used the emojis to share their excitement!


3) Crying with Laughter:

2015 was the year in which the emoji went mainstream. The ‘crying with laughter’   emoji was most-used on Twitter last year, with 6.6 billion uses.  https://twitter.com/twitterdata/status/673905956909133824?lang=en-gb


When news broke that Britain had voted to leave the EU, stars Tweeted their reactions. Whether it was sorrow and joy, for these Tweeters, an emoji spoke a thousand words: