World Steel in Figures 2013 is available online

worldsteel_worldsteel-logo2Brussels, 30 May 2013 – The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has published the 2013 edition of World Steel in Figures. It is now available on

World Steel in Figures provides the latest updates on the global picture of the steel industry with key facts and statistics. The book contains comprehensive information on crude steel production, apparent steel use, pig iron production, steel trade, iron ore production and trade and scrap trade.

World Steel in Figures lists major steel-producing countries, top steel-producing companies and top steel-consuming countries.

Major steel-producing countries 2012
1. China 716.5 Mt 6. South Korea 69.1 Mt
2. Japan 107.2 Mt 7. Germany 42.7 Mt
3. United States 88.7 Mt 8. Turkey 35.9 Mt
4. India 77.6 Mt 9. Brazil 34.5 Mt
5. Russia 70.4 Mt 10. Ukraine 33.0 Mt
Top steel-producing companies 2012
1. ArcelorMittal 93.6 Mt 6. Wuhan Group 36.4 Mt
2. Nippon Steel &

Sumitomo Metal Corporation

47.9 Mt 7. Shagang Group 32.3 Mt
3. Hebei Group 42.8 Mt 8. Shougang Group 31.4 Mt
4. Baosteel Group 42.7 Mt 9. JFE 30.4 Mt
5. POSCO 39.9 Mt 10. Ansteel Group 30.2 Mt
Countries with the highest apparent steel use per capita 2012
1. South Korea 1,114.1 kg 6. China 477.4 kg
2. Taiwan, China 769.8 kg 7. Germany 459.8 kg
3. Czech Republic 565.0 kg 8. Canada 415.5 kg
4. Japan 506.0 kg 9. Belgium-Luxembourg 392.5 kg
5. Austria 484.9 kg 10. Turkey 381.9 kg

  • The World Steel Association (worldsteel) is one of the largest and most dynamic industry associations in the world. worldsteel represents approximately 180 steel producers (including 17 of the world’s 20 largest steel companies), national and regional steel industry associations, and steel research institutes. worldsteel members represent around 85% of world steel production.
  • The list of top steel-producing companies includes members and non-members of worldsteel. The tonnages are for all types of steel including stainless, and based on worldsteel reporting rules as regards part-owned steelworks. Details about worldsteel member company ownership and tonnage calculations are available on
  • Apparent steel use comprises the deliveries of steel to the marketplace from the domestic steel producers together with imports. This differs from real steel use, which takes into account steel delivered to or drawn from inventories.