World-leading Australian Mining Equipment Technology & Services expertise on showcase at IMME 2016

austradeAustralia to participate as Partner Country at IMME 2016. More than 30 Australian companies are participating at IMME 2016

Australia is participating as Partner country at the 13th edition of International Mining & Machinery Exhibition 2016 (IMME 2016) held in Kolkata from 16 – 19 November 2016.

More than thirty companies from Australia are participating at the IMME 2016 exhibition reflecting Australia’s status as Partner Country and showcasing Australia’s global leadership position in Mining Technology and Services.

The Australian participation at the IMME 2016 exhibition features a cross section of Australian mining technology services firms whose profile includes Geomining consultancy, Mining IT, Contract mining, Mining machinery, equipment and their components, Mineral beneficiation equipment and components, Explosives, Environmental technologies, Mining safety and Mining skills training.

Australian Resource Investment Showcase

As part of Australian participation at IMME 2016, an Australian Resource Investment Showcase is being organised on 17 November 2016.

Australia Minerals, an alliance of Federal (Central) and State Government geology and investment attraction organisations in Australia will be organising the Australian Resource Investment Showcase to highlight the country’s investment opportunities in mineral resources. The Australia Minerals Team is led by Geoscience Australia, and supported by the States of New South Wales, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Australian expertise in Mining Equipment Technology and Services (METS)

Australia has world-leading capability in state-of-the-art Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS), a sector which contributes to Australia’s standing as one of the most technologically advanced, efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe mining industries in the world. Australia has a mature mining and resources industry built on nearly 200 years of experience.

The METS sector contributes more than A$90 billion to the Australian economy annually, with current exports exceeding A$27 billion. More than 66 percent of Australian METS companies are exporters.

Speaking about Australian participation at IMME 2016, Tim Martin, Trade Commissioner, Australian Trade and Investment Commission, said “Australia has world class companies with impressive capabilities in mining equipment, technology and services”.

“These companies specialise in using innovative, state-of-the-art technologies to serve Australia’s large and highly developed mining industry, which are often deployed in very harsh conditions”.

“Australia’s expertise in skills development, management training, and Research & Development in the mining sector is also a key strength, and we have a number of active engagements with mining companies, from both the public and private sectors across India”.

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission is available to facilitate development of business links in the mining and resources sector between Australia and India.

For more information about accessing Australian METS expertise or exploring partnership opportunities with Australian companies in the mining sector, please e-mail Australian Trade and Investment Commission at

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