Workshop on Social Media Integration of Corporate Communication at GreyMind Communications

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Training aimed at empowering television journalists to bridge the Traditional- Social Media divide

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Conducted a workshop on the Social Media Integration of Corporate Communication where I gave an overview of how the way news is searched, accessed and related to these days and explained ways and means of riding this wave into the future. The audience comprised primarily of the team members of GreyMind Communications – the entity is solely responsible for bringing most of the Football matches that you see live on your screen.

GreyMind is a 10 year old, established, Content Creation cum Media Production House, which is a virtual Prime mover in the field of Sports Production. It has already produced and directed more than 400 Live football matches for 10 Action, ESPN, Zee Sports, Mahuaa Bangla, Star Sports etc and has an enviable library of Exclusive Content. GreyMind is acknowledged as a Concept to Communication, Single Window Plug & Play solution provider with domain-dominating expertise that is spread across platforms – Print, Television and Digital and enjoys total in-house capability along with necessary infrastructure, trained manpower and training facilities. GreyMind enjoys top of mind recall among Sporting Event Organisers, Advertisers, Sponsors and viewers, which makes it a unique player in the world of sports production telecast. As a matter of fact, CFL, IFL, ISL– the GreyMind name is virtually synonymous with football.

(Follow GreyMind on Twitter: @greymind43)

The response was overwhelming and I was amazed at the sheer energy that the young audience generated dragging me deeper and deeper into to subject, leaving no social media stone unturned. The questions were spontaneous and true to their journalistic core, aimed at probing, engaging and extracting the maximum amount of information.

The interactive nature of the programme and the enthusiasm with which the seasoned traditional-media hands warmed up to the prospects and possibilities that Social Media has to offer had to be seen to be believed. “Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin, we all know” said Anilava Chatterjee one of the most revered names in sports journalism and the moving spirit behind GreyMind, “what you just showed us however, is how we can literally expand our horizon and our effectiveness by integrating and syncing with the Social Media. I hope this is the first of many more of such programmes.”

“We want to take this to its logical conclusion” said Arindam Chatterjee, veteran of many a live duel and explore ways and means of ensuring that our productions are seamlessly integrated in the social media space. From your television sets we want to conquer your digital space, invade your laptops and handheld’s as it were.”

Not a tall order at all, considering the milestones that GreyMind has already achieved. As far as I am concerned, it sure will be a challenge that I will look forward to accepting.