Kolkata, 8th March 2014:

DSC_0076Eastern India Regional Council of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India on the occasion of the International Woman’s Day (8th March 2014) hosted a programme on “Women Empowerment” at Park Hotel, where topics of professional interest empowering CA Women professional were discussed.  Sessions related to CA Women professionals practical difficulties were deliberated by eminent speakers.

The Hon’ble Justice Nadira Patherya, Calcutta High Court, Chief Guest inaugurated the programme and she stated that we Indians have given power to women at home only and we look her as mother, sister, wife but time has come that we have to give her individual identity and status so that she can stand up in society.  She will feel really empowered once she realizes her status equal to her men counterpart.  She further stated that Urban women is educated and they are better placed than rural women.  Urbanities by utilizing their wealth and resources should enable and empower rural girl & women to come up in life so that they can compete and come up for better.  Concrete steps are desired not only from CA professionals but also by NGO, Civilians and other professionals for empowering women in all spheres.

Day long programme ended with an important panel discussion organized in association with Junior Chamber of International (JCI) on the topic ‘Safety of Women in the Workplace’.  The panelists for the discussion were drawn from various walks of life and celebrities and they were :-

  1. Ms. Sarada Fatehpuria, Entrepreneur & Director of Manovikas Kendra
  2. Ms. Saadia Alam, Deputy Municipal Commissioner, KMC
  3. Ms. Shivani Tiwari, IPS Assistant Commissioner of Police, Howrah (North Division)
  4. Ms. Kavita Gupta, Social Activist
  5. Ms. Denise O’Brien, Management Professional, Heritage Resources Private Limited

The panel discussion ended with a conclusion that women are nowadays more vigilant, understandable and dedicated human being and safety at work place is a subjective topic.  Sporadic incidents here and there should not deter their performance.  Employers, society and people around should value their contribution and try to help & protect their fellow being claiming unwarranted circumstances.

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