Women describe their first experience of sexual harassment in a chilling new video by Culture Machine’s Old Delhi Films channel

“I was six or seven years old when I was first molested”


Women describe their first experience of sexual harassment in a chilling new video by Culture Machine’s Old Delhi Films channel

As the country is debating the latest Juvenile Justice Bill to curb crimes against women, Culture Machine’s Old Delhi Films has released a video featuring a few young women coming forward to describe their first sexual harassment. The alarming video sees young women open up about their trauma and how they have dealt with it multiple times in their lives and in various situations. Right from being groped in a bus while traveling with family to being flashed at by strangers and dealing with lewd comments; these women have dealt with harassment and molestation in public spaces and in seemingly ‘safe’ places. Despite the misogynistic approach of our society, these women continue to believe in humanity and ask everyone to step up in face of such harassment.

You can watch the video on – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KodiM39XYhI

About Old Delhi Films

The Old Delhi Films is a new breed of Online Entertainment Channel created by a bunch of crazy people with an idea to provide entertainment and create awareness. A part of Culture Machine’s growing network, the channel, through its quirky content provides their take on Society, politics, people, humor, comedy and more. Known for its thought provoking content, Old Delhi Films has over 4 lakh views and 50,000 subscribers.

Profile of 4 Working Members

AniketJaiswal and ShreyChhabra started their theatre practice in the year 2005 and 2009 respectively. Aniket has written and directed more than 12 plays for different colleges and Shrey has acted in 7 of them and directed a play for Pearl academy. These Plays were performed all over India including Prithvi Theatre (Mumbai), IIM (Ahemdabad), Goa, Rajasthan etc.

They started making Short films for film festivals in 2012. Their first film ‘Shehar’ which was written and directed by Aniket, for which Shrey was the protagonist and assistant director, won the Best Film Jury Award in Banglore film festival.

In the year 2014, Aniket and Shrey founded Old Delhi Films to reach large number of audience via YouTube. They are the content creators and Video Directors of this YouTube channel. Aniket is the Screenwriter and a part-time lyricist whereas Shrey is the Production Manager and an Actor.

AkhilSachdeva and Shashank Sharma joined Old Delhi films as an Actor/writer and Production Assistant respectively. They both were in the dramatics society of SGGSCC “Manchtantra” same as Shrey for which Aniket wrote and directed plays and both have been practicing theatre from 2011. Aniket encouraged Shrey to start writing and helped him, Akhil and others to learn. It’s been a good learning experience for everyone till now.


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