Widen your smartpen experience with the world’s slimmest smart pen, Neo smartpen M1

SEOUL, South Korea and LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today’s launch of NeoLAB Convergence‘s Neo smartpen M1 marks an exciting milestone in the emerging smart pen category. Neo smartpen M1 feels and looks like a traditional pen, measuring only, 10.4mm in thickness, significantly slimmer than other smart pens on the market. Showstoppers attendees will be the first see the world’s slimmest smart pen, along with the new application and features.

Neo smartpen M1 seamlessly digitizes your handwritten notes to your smart devices, such as, smartphones, tablets and PC. Record your note-taking process, edit and share your notes. (PRNewsfoto/NeoLAB Convergence Inc.)

Neo smartpen M1, the latest addition to Neo smartpen line-up, works in tandem with N notebooks, powered by NeoLAB Convergence’s patented Ncode technology and the accompanying application, Neo Notes. Neo smartpen M1 recognizes any handwritten notes, even recognizing different pages of different books, and digitizes the content. Through the Neo Notes application, available on Windows, iOS and Android, users can organize, record, edit, share, backup to Google Drive, and automatically upload their content to a variety of cloud platforms like Google Drive, Evernote and Adobe CC to further enhance creative ideas.

The pen was designed to be an ideal alternative to existing products in the smart pen category that are either bulky, or require separate receivers. To reduce the pen’s thickness, even more slimmer than the former Neo smartpen products, NeoLAB Convergence has put in years of effort in their research and development to develop the core components, including AP (Application Processor) and CIS (CMOS Image Sensor), as compact as possible. As a result, Neo smartpen M1 – a winner of iF Design Award – boasts its slim, vibrant look and lightweight design, and it feels comfortable in a user’s hand.

Along with the product launch, NeoLAB Convergence also announced the release of the affordable video creation app, PaperTube, to provide Neo smartpen users wider and more exciting smartpen experience.

“When it comes to expressing ideas, we believe that there is nothing more natural and accurate than grabbing a pen and putting it on paper,” said Dr. Eddie Lee, co-founder and CTO at NeoLAB Convergence. “Our goal is to expand our accompanying applications to provide a wide variety of smartpen experience for our users.”

The former version of Neo smartpen, Neo smartpen N2, launched in the international market via a successful Kickstarter campaign in the late 2014, raising 20 times its initial funding goal within just three weeks. A Kickstarter “Staff Pick,” N2 attracted more than 2,000 backers, making it a top three tech product on Kickstarter.


  • In-app editing – highlight text, delete or select content and annotate existing notes; change text color and thickness; add new colors from the extensive color wheel
  • Paper sharing – erase lines, delete background details and rework content with a completely transparent background for cleaner-looking presentations, artwork and more
  • Audio recording – record and playback audio synced to pen strokes
  • Data reproduction – export drawings in a scalable image format, namely SVG or PNG or JPG
  • Google Drive – upload notes, drawings and more to Google Drive and access them across devices
  • Auto save – automatically save notes to Evernote, Google Drive or Adobe CC.
  • Languages – convert notes into digital text in 15 languages


Neo smartpen M1 and N notebooks, the Ncode printed notebooks, are currently available for purchase through Neo smartpen store – http://shop.neosmartpen.com and Amazon US.

Neo Notes is available for free download from Google Play, App store, and Microsoft Store.
PaperTube is available for free download from Google Play and App store.


NeoLAB Convergence Inc., the developer of Neo smartpen, is an award-winning designer and developer of digital pens using its patented Ncode™ technology for the consumer, education and enterprise markets. For more information about Neo smartpen and case studies, visit www.neosmartpen.com or follow on Facebook www.facebook.com/neosmartpenglobal.

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SOURCE NeoLAB Convergence Inc.

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