All Weather Creations from IGJC – of peacock themes and perfect plumes

Kolkata August, 2017. Indian Gem & Jewelry Creation (IGJC), one of the most revered names in the jewelry horizon of the Nation has unveiled its latest all-weather collection. Fondly christened Rimjhim Girey Baarish, the central theme of the collection is the peacock, the many splendored hues of whose plume has been sought to be replicated by some of India’s most acclaimed craftsmen in gold, platinum and a variety of precious stones.

“The peacock is a symbol of eternal love, of Radha’s soul stirring, of Meera’s all-encompassing devotion and yearning for Krishna. It has been our endeavour to synthesise the same celestial feelings in the line” said Punam Chand Dugar, the moving spirit behind IGJC and acknowledged doyen of the Jewelry Industry. The line has been spread across the entity’s most revered verticals – diamond, gold, ethnic and novelty, keeping in mind the needs of the modern woman in her search for the statement look that is contemporary in styling, but has its moorings, firmly embedded in solid traditionalism.

“The choice of the peacock is deliberate” said Pramod Dugar, proud second-generation carrier of the IGJC flag of creativity, as “it is also the personification of sustainability, playing a key role, not only as the harbinger of the rains that quench perched souls, but also acts as a custodian of the fragile ecological balance”. Call it empowerment if you may, but the chance of wearing your eco-friendliness and flaunting it too, is a silent scream against the twin menace threatening mankind – global warming and climate change – that the modern woman can hardly resist.

“The peacock has been a recurring theme in Indian Jewelry and it is our honour and pleasure to contribute to this age-old tradition” said Pratik Dugar, a Diamond Graduate from GIA, USA and an acknowledged expert on the history of Indian jewelry. “Everybody knows about the peacock throne, but the fact that the peacock lends itself to be cast in any precious metal of one’s choice and the riot of its colour that allow the artistic, unrestrained use of gems, has made it a perennial favourite with the master craftsmen from time immemorial. It will not be an exaggeration to say that peacock themed jewelry has adorned some of the most celebrated Indian beauties down the ages”.

“As a matter of fact,” said Prayas Dugar, who is spearheading the entity’s forays forward, “the Peacock Necklace – the diamond and emerald creation that used to rest in all its regal splendour on the Mogul Empress was no less celebrated than the Kohinoor. Our collection is as much a homage to our legacy of craftsmanship as it is to the peacock’s symbolic value that has transcended India’s diversities to emerge as a unifying force of divine creation”.

Considering the diverse needs of the modern woman whose accessories and accouterments must match the occasion and the mood, the collection has been made as inclusive as it is exclusive. From light weight and breezy pieces that replicate the peacock’s plumes for the corporate predator, to the heavy and intricately crafted chunks of solid class for the princess on an evening out, there is something for everyone. That too at multiple price points to pamper the connoisseurs. For the heiresses to celebrate hedonism to the fullest.

 “At Indian Gems & Jewelry Creation we have now spent four generations, helping women deck up their dreams” said Punam Chand Dugar. “We are extremely exacting in all matters of quality and craftsmanship and it is not often, that we take time off to revel at our own creations. This peacock line has forced us to do just that and has won our hearts. All it needs now is you”.

The peacock themed all weather collection will be available in all the IGJC showrooms – at the address location in 9b Wood Street apart from signature stores at the South City Mall, Vardaan Market and the Durgapur City Centre.

Can you hear the flute playing?

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