Wammy Neo Smartphone Sold Out Within 72 Hours after Pre-Booking Ends

wickedleak~Boosts its after sales Service for the competitive edge ~


India, June 21, 2014 – Enthused by the overwhelming response from shoppers and proving its popularity among smart phone users once again , all 5,000 units of the Wammy Neo Smartphone were sold out within 72 Hours after pre-booking(15th June approx. 72 Hours).

However, the good news is that a fresh lot of Wammy Neo device, priced at Rs.11990/- is expected next week with Wickedleak still taking orders for delivery from June 30.

WickedLeak® is India’s leading Smartphone and tablet manufacturer and Wammy neo is the latest Smartphone in the glittering array of other smart phones like Wammy passion X, Wammy titan 3 Octa etc.

 Wickedleak Wammy Neo 2 Wickedleak Wammy Neo 3 Wickedleak Wammy Neo

At the launch of Wammy Neo earlier this week, Aditya Mehta, CEO and Founder, Wickedleak  said the “company used lower price as its strategy to compete with the premium smartphone manufacturers such as Apple , Samsung and Micromax.We offer our customers with high performance and intelligent Smartphone at an affordable price compared to other brands.”

He further added “The company is planning to launch several other products in India soon including a Windows tablet below 15k.Through this, the company aims to attract the young-adult consumers especially college students as they are the heavy e-commerce shoppers, said Mehta.”


Wickedleak Boosts its after sales Service

Meanwhile, In order to get a competitive edge, Wickedleak has further boosted its after sales service by extending the pickup and drop service to over 2200+ locations across India.

Now, the customer can simply call the Wickedleak helpline at 022 6566 6511 and ask for a free pick up at their doorstep. The device will be picked up from their doorstep by a Wickedleak representative and would directly reach the company’s service hub in Mumbai. Once the device is serviced, the Wickedleak representative will deliver the device again at the customer’s doorstep.

Furthermore, Wickedleak has adopted this unique mode of aftersales service to ensure the customer’s convenience. The free pick up and drop is designed in such a way that the customer doesn’t need to spend hours at a service centre. Instead, the customers can schedule the pick-up and drop according to their own time and convenience. This saves the customer the time required to travel to a service centre as well as the hours spent waiting for getting the device checked and serviced.


About the company-

Founded in 2009 by MBA graduates, WickedLeak launched as an emerging telecommunication corporation for India. Within two years and a highly motivated workforce, purely through word of mouth of their amazing products and services, WickedLeak cracked the Top 200 Indian sites and was credited for being one of India’s largest online electronics store. A customer oriented company and dedicated to provide the best, Wickedleak is devoted to deliver its esteemed customers with all its focus. It believes in building mutual trust and maintaining top quality, while offering an array of innovative products. The company’s key mantra to success is consistent performance. For more information log on to http://www.wickedleak.org/