‘Walk, Run, Stay healthy’ is the Message on World Heart Day: Columbia Asia Hospitals, Gurgaon Organizes Walkathon for City Residents

  • Columbia Asia LogoMr. Parminder Kataria, Deputy Mayor of Gurgaon kick starts the walkathon as chief guest of the event


  • Hospital partners with ‘Run with Me’ Foundation for the event to promote healthy living through simple ways like walking, running and jogging to give good health to heart.

Gurgaon, Sept 28, 2015: Gurgaon Deputy Mayor Mr. Parminder Kataria today joined a large number of city’s residents including students, young corporate professionals as well as the elderly in a Walkathon organized by Columbia Asia Hospitals, Palam Vihar to drive people towards healthy lifestyles and physical activity ahead of World Heart Day.

Despite cardiovascular diseases becoming more of a disease driven by lifestyle rather than genetic predisposition, a radical shift towards heart healthy living is yet to be achieved in India. While urban Indians have adopted western lifestyles and food habits, they are yet to adopt the high degree of consciousness towards health. The walkathon was aimed at awakening people about the importance of heart and its health, and the need for regular physical activity to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Under the message of ‘Walk, Run, Stay healthy, the walkathon was flagged off by chief guest, Mr. Parminder Kataria, Deputy Mayor of Gurgaon, and witnessed a wide participation from corporate heads and professionals, customers, staff members, consultants and relatives and friends of patients.

The walkathon started at 6.30 am and covered a stretch of 3 kms from Columbia Asia Hospitals, Gurgaon, to Palam vihar block A and B and back to the hospital. The event also saw participation from 350 individuals who ran across the track and covered up to 9 kms.

“It is a matter of concern that urban Indians especially in cities like Gurgaon are today highly exposed to unhealthy lifestyles and the resultant high risk towards cardiovascular diseases. Amidst the high stress of daily sedentary lives, it is very important for people to draw some time daily to indulge in physical activities such as walking, running or yoga. It is good to see a healthy participation at the walkathon as it shows that awareness about healthy living is increasing,” said Mr. Parminder Kataria, Deputy Mayor, Gurgaon.

Organized in association with Run with Me Foundation, the “Stay Healthy Walkathon” by Columbia Asia Hospitals, Gurgaon is a special initiative on World Heart Day. The effort aims to educate people about the importance of healthy lifestyle in ensuring a long and productive life.

“Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of deaths across the world, including in India. While, the risk of acquiring CVD increases with age, unhealthy lifestyle factors such as  poor diet and lack of physical activity today are making relatively younger people prone to the disease. Research shows that even 30 minutes of daily exercise can reduce the risk of acquiring cardiovascular disease to a large extent. This can be done by adopting simple measures like taking stairs instead of elevators, parking your vehicle at a distance from your office, walking to the nearby market rather than driving. It is very simple, yet it needs consciousness and motivation. Activities such as the Walkathon are aimed at increasing consciousness and providing motivation,” said Dr Sanjat Chiwane, Consultant Cardiology, Columbia Asia Hospital

The walkathon also saw active participation of schoolchildren from Chirag School and Rotary School Gurgaon, working professionals to the city’s elderly residents and Senior Citizen Forum. Additionally, encouraging more people to join the walk were the runners and experts from Run With me Foundation.

“Enrolling in expensive gyms and fitness centers is not necessary. Basic health can be maintained even by walking and running daily. This can reduce the risk of several diseases including diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. With cardiovascular diseases (CVD) becoming an epidemic, it is important to educate people about its causes, prevention and treatment. While treatments are available today, it is best to prevent disease by adopting a healthy and active lifestyle,” said Dr Amit Gupta, Consultant Cardiology, Columbia Asia Hospital

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