Wacom Takes Care of Business

New DTU-1141 pen display supports an intuitive and paper-saving workflow with advanced electronic signature technology


Dubai – Mar.16, 2015 – Wacom® presents the full HD resolution pen display –DTU-1141 for private and public business entities seeking a best-in-class solution for viewing and filling out full-sized eDocuments and signing them electronically. Today, many banks, hospitals, insurance companies, public sector departments and retail stores require customers to sign documents directly at the counter or point of sale. Wacom’s signature solution display provides these organizations with an effective way to make signing documents effortless, efficient and “paper-saving”.


The vivid 10.6 ” color LCD of the new pen display product supports multiple resolutions, up to full HD (1920×1080), providing a great platform for virtually any business software application. Screen quality allows customers to clearly see the contents of a document and sign with confidence, while the hardened, anti-glare surface ensures the display’s paper-like feel and ability to operate in different lighting conditions. State-of-the-art RSA/AES encryption is included to ensure transactions are performed safely and securely.


Offering a unique hardware design, the DTU-1141’s small footprint makes it suitable for most counter or point of sale areas. An integrated stand sets the display at a 15°  angle and the device can also be positioned completely flat on a counter or desk should the need arise. For organizations looking to customize the DTU’s orientation, VESA mounting holes allow the use of 3rd party arms and stands.  The unit features an integrated pen compartment to secure the pen when not in use and a pen tether is included to prevent loss. In addition, there is a security slot that can be used to prevent theft of the device in public situations.


The new pen display operates as a regular LCD monitor and is easily integrated into standard IT infrastructures. When used with signature software, it becomes an electronic solution for viewing, filling out and signing documents already common in many industries around the globe. It connects to PCs with a single USB cable, removing clutter and keeping business areas neat.


Commonly used functions such as page-up or page-down can be easily programmed onto the four customizable, touch-activated ExpressKeys to facilitate smooth customer interaction. The cordless and battery-free pen features 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, enhancing the natural writing experience for the user and providing excellent reliability and durability. In addition to its inherent natural feel, Wacom technology delivers a pressure profile during the writing and signing process. This results in a unique biometric profile which can be used for forensic purposes.


In addition to its pen input capabilities, the DTU-1141, when sitting idle, can be used to display slideshows and videos for advertising and other purposes. The highly durable DTU-1141 offers low cost of ownership and integration is simplified with its single USB cable that provides video, pen data and power.


The DTU-1141 will be ready to ship in April. For purchasing and availability information, please consult Wacom’s website.