Vserv.mobi launches AudiencePro platform to revolutionize the Mobile Advertising Ecosystem

vservSigns up Airtel as first Telco partner; other global partnerships in pipeline

India, January 14, 2013: Vserv.mobi, a leading global mobile advertising network, today announced launch of AudiencePro, a first-of-its kind platform that presents a game changing opportunity for the entire mobile ecosystem, including Telecom providers, Advertisers, Publishers & App Developers. This launch, makes Vserv.mobi the first Mobile Ad Network in the world to roll out an offering that combines its scale & audience, with Telcos, to offer unprecedented audience targeting opportunities to advertisers.

The Vserv.mobi AudiencePro platform, allows advertisers targeting based on demographics, spending power, network usage, location, content relevance & device specific data, to reach the right audience. The AudiencePro platform will allow advertisers to reach mobile subscribers with highly relevant ads, displayed on multiple inventory sources across the Vserv.mobi network, including 20,000+ Apps powered by it’s innovative AppWrapper technology, thus enabling targeted advertising at a massive scale like never before. The platform will include support for all creative formats, including impactful rich media formats such as Full Screen Ads, Video and HTLM5 interactive ads.

As part of the launch, the company also announced that it has signed up Airtel, the world’s third largest telecom operator by subscriber base, as it’s first Telco partner for this revolutionary platform. Speaking on the occasion, Dippak Khurana, CEO & Co-Founder, Vserv.mobi said, “The AudiencePro is the World’s first platform that brings together the power of Mobile Ad Networks with credible user data from Telcos, to enable unprecedented levels of audience targeting for advertisers. After the revolutionary AppWrapper monetization platform, this is our second game changing technology, that will unlock tremendous value across the entire mobile ecosystem. Given our understanding & presence across emerging markets, we are already working towards rolling out the AudiencePro platform with partners across the globe.”

Vserv.mobi’s launch of the AudiencePro platform and partnership with Airtel, marks a paradigm shift in the Mobile Advertising landscape presenting a win-win opportunity for all the players in the ecosystem. For the first time Telcos will have a unique opportunity to explore mobile advertising. Advertisers will be able to reach the right audience they want via premium ads across mobile sites, apps & games. The platform will also appeal to Vserv.mobi’s publishers & developers, who will experience higher levels of monetization, due to the audience profile layer being enabled on their inventory, without any additional cost. The company has also confirmed that it’s AppWrapper platform has become more powerful and will now enable premium AudiencePro ads in the same One Click approach. The AudiencePro platform will also benefit Mobile Internet users, who will get relevant ads aligned with their consumption needs. As a global company, Vserv.mobi upholds high standards of user privacy, and will offer consumers the flexibility to opt out of these targeted AudiencePro ads completely.

Explaining the need of the AudiencePro platform, Rohit Verma, VP – Telecom, Vserv.mobi highlighted, ”Telcos, especially in emerging markets, have been looking for Mobile Advertising opportunities in today’s ‘APP’ified world, and advertisers are always seeking richer audience profile insights, thus the AudiencePro platform provides a powerful solution to both these challenges, while delivering higher monetization to our publisher & developer partners. AudiencePro offers Telcos a unique innovative approach to Mobile Advertising and help move forward the Mobile ecosystem.”

Founded in 2010, Vserv.mobi has been at the forefront of innovation in the Mobile Advertising sphere in line with its goal of becoming the #1 Mobile Ad Network across emerging markets. Vserv.mobi is the winner of the MMA Smarties 2012 award for the “Media Company of the Year” and the Red Herring Top 100 Award. The company presents a compelling value proposition for both brand advertisers, premium publishers and app developers powered by it’s patent pending AppWrapper technology. It enables Advertisers to reach consumers, across both feature phone and smart phones via impactful ad formats such as Full Screen Ads, Video, HTML5 interactive ads on 20,000+ Apps. Developers & Premium Publishers leverage the powerful AppWrapper platform for enabling comprehensive App monetization in One Click, across both – micro transaction based paid models and premium advertising based monetization, to maximize their revenues.

About Vserv.mobi:

Vserv.mobi is a leading Global Mobile Ad Network with strong presence in emerging markets. Vserv’s pioneering technology AppWrapper powers One Click App Monetisation for 20000+ Apps across platforms. AppWrapper is the World’s Simplest App Monetization – it enables premium advertising & innovative pricing models on any app, without coding, in just one click. Vserv is the only Ad Network with App media across feature phones, smart phones and tablets, thus providing advertisers unparalleled reach and engagement. Built on superior technology, the Vserv Marketplace delivers exceptional ROI to advertisers as well as enhanced earnings to developers & publishers. Visit www.vserv.mobi for more details.