VoxWeb brings new visual designs and innovative features on its app

New features removes likes and comments count

July 26, 2017: VoxWeb, the social networking app developed around “speaking-pics” or voice-augmented photos, today unveiled new designs and features on its Android and IOS Apps. The most significant of the new features – introduced after heavy user demand – is the “Embed Voxie” option which allows users to embed a voice-augmented photo to their blogs and other websites/webpages.  In addition to this, users can now store the newly created voice-augmented pic to their device without the compulsion of sharing or sending. Users can also create a private Voxie collection by leveraging this feature.

Also, in a major policy shift, VoxWeb disabled the likes and comments count on other users’ content (content creator will continue to have the like and comment counts along with the like list) to remove the ‘performance anxieity’ friction and thus encouraging users to post frequent updates without worrying about the number of likes they get on the post publicly.

Other new features introduced in the VoxWeb app include doodle drawings and sticker pasting options on pics, pin post to the top of profile page, and two simple and effective privacy settings options. These features will provide users with an elevated photo sharing and social media experience while using the platform.

Speaking about the new app versions the Company said, “These new features in VoxWeb social media platform adds another dimension to a user’s social media experience. We are continuously working to provide our users a unique and rich experience while revolutionizing the digital image-sharing and social media space. VoxWeb is excited to present these refreshing visual designs and new features to internet users.”

The latest features and designs available are:

  1. Embed voxie option: Now users can embed a voice-augmented photo to their blogs or websites
  2. Private voxie collection: Users can transform their album or other photos to voice-augmented photos and  save them on the device, without the need to  post or send those photos. This creates a private rich collection of voice-augmented photos
  3. Doodle: Users can also add stickers and draw doodles on the “speaking-pic” or a voxie created
  4. Pin-to-top: There is an option to pin a social media post at the top of their social media page
  5. Innovative approach to privacy settings: With a combination of merely 2 options, users can effectively enable the desired level of privacy and everything remains in sync with the fundamental nature of a “follower-following” network
  6. “Following” list: VoxWeb has disabled the option to see a user’s “Following” list to encourage following within the network
  7. Changes to update  likes and comments on the app: The platform will not display the number of likes and comments anymore (though comments to any post will always remain visible). This ensures that sure users don’t have any ‘performance anxiety’ while creating a post that is a big friction on various one-to-many communication platforms.

Link to try out the new features on the VoxWeb app.

About Voxweb

VoxWeb is a consumer internet company which designs and develops online communication and networking products. Incepted in Jan 2015, the company is based in Mumbai, India. The flagship product of the company, is the “speaking pictures” (voice-augmented photos) social network VoxWeb. The platform is perfect for capturing and sharing moments through pictures which can be captioned using vocal sounds. At present, it is available on both iOS and Android. A must-have camera and communication app for concerts, parties, sports and tourism, additionally, the app also facilitates creating selfies that can speak upon touching and the VoxWeb Team has christened these ‘speaking selfies’ as ‘Voxies’. The design patent of “speaking pictures”, which is a “picture with an orange line”, was filed in the United States where the orange line indicates or is the symbol of “speaking picture”.  Driven by the aspiration to make the first-ever truly global and refreshingly new consumer internet product from India, it offers a new and magical online communication and networking application for internet users around the world.

VoxWeb, aims to create a global consumer internet product from India and the app has already got more than half a million users from 97 different countries. Brain child of Yash Mishra, an IIT Kanpur graduate, VoxWeb was founded in 2015, to become the new age social media app for internet- users.