Voters give big room to BJP, NDA to govern decisively, hats off to Indian democracy: ASSOCHAM President, Mr Rana Kapoor

assochamCongratulating the BJP leadership and Mr Narendra Modi in particular, ASSOCHAM President Mr Rana Kapoor today said the biggest takeaway from these elections is that a single party is able to get there at the crucial half mark that will enable the BJP-led NDA to take decisive and bold decisions that will put the Indian economy back on the growth path.


“It is first time after 1984 that a single party would be able to get majority on its own giving the ruling combination a huge elbow room to take  bold economic decisions which at times may appear to be not so popular”, said Mr. Kapoor.


The Indian voters have marginalized the so-called king-makers giving a strong message that the country cannot be allowed to be made vulnerable to the politics of narrow approach that had taken toll on the economy and the national image. The new government will not suffer from the coalition constraints, if there were to be some.


The Indian industry and the global investors have hopes on Mr Narendra Modi who has a solid track record of governance in Gujarat.  We are sure with his strong, transparent and policy-driven governance, India is on way to becoming once again the much sought after destination of international investors. Our clout as a nation will only increase from here.” Mr Kapoor said.

Rana Kapoor

The ASSOCHAM President said that the chamber has already prepared an agenda for the new government , to be led by Mr Modi, aimed at achieving 10 per cent economic growth , which is so crucial to banishing poverty once and for all.  For starters, the sentiment is back for investors, consumers and common Indians, Mr Kapoor said, adding that it is for these reasons that the financial markets in celebrating the moment.